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6 is a whole number. you can't make a whole number into fraction

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Q: How do you make 6 a fraction?
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Can you make a fraction with 6?


How do you make 1 and 6 into a fraction in simplest form?

1/6 is as simple as it can get

What is 4.6 as a fraction?

To make it a mixed fraction, it's 4 and 6 10ths. To make it an improper fraction, it's 46 over 10.

How do you make 2.1666 into a fraction?


How do you make 2.8333 into a fraction?

2 5/6 or 17/6

Can you make the fraction 6 16ths simpler fraction?

Yes because 6/16 is 3/8 in its simplest form

How do you make the number 2 into a fraction?


How do you make five and one half into improper fraction with 6 as denominator?

You can do this in two steps. First you convert it to an improper fraction the usual way. Then you transform it to an equivalent fraction, with a denominator 6.

What fraction is greater than 6 8?

Assuming you mean 6/8: Two ways to get a greater fraction are to make the numerator greater; or to make the denominator smaller.

How do you make 17.6 a mixed fraction?

17 and 6/10

How do you make a fraction on the computer?

you have to go 1/6 so on...................

How do you make 0.3 a fraction?

30/100 or 6/20

How do you make fraction equivalent?

To make an equivalent fraction, there are multiple ways of doing it. One way to do it, is to multiply both the numerator and the denominator with the same number. Example.. If we have the fraction 2/3... we can multiply the top and bottom number with 2 to make an equivalent fraction of 4/6. We can also multiply the top and bottom number with 3 to make an equivalent fraction of 6/9. The second way of making an equivalent fraction is to reduce a fraction that hasn't been reduced yet. What I mean is, if possible, you can divide the denominator (bottom) and the numerator (top) by the same number in order to make an equivalent fraction. Example... If we have the fraction 12/20.... we can divide the numerator (top) and denominator (bottom) by 2 ... and so 12/2 = 6 and 20/2 = 10 ... so the equivalent fraction is 6/10. We can reduce 6/10 and divide the top and bottom by 2 in order to make 3/5.

If you toss a coin 16 times and 6 of then tosses were tail how do you make this a fraction?


What is the fraction for 6 percent?

The fraction for 6 percent is 6/100

What is 6 as a fraction?

6 = 6/1 in fraction

How can you make 4 and 5 sixths into an improper fraction?


What is 36 divided by 6 in fraction form?


What is a equivalent fraction to 1 out of 6?

1 out of 6 is 1/6 as a fraction.

What fraction is 6 percent of 100?

6% of 100 is 6. Six as a fraction is 6/1.

What is the fraction of 6 percent in to a fraction?

its 6/100 because the 100 is the 100% and the 6 is the 6%

How do you write 6 as a fraction of 36?

6 as a fraction of 36 is 6/36 = 1/6

What fraction 5 over 6?

5/6 is a fraction.

what fraction is equivalent to 4/6?


What is the equivalent fraction to 6?

The equivalent fraction for 6 is 6/1 or 12/2