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2 quaters $0.50

4 dimes $0.40

3 pennies $0.03

9 coins $0.90

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Q: How do you make 93 cents using 9 coins with quarters dines nickels and pennies?
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How do you make 68 cents by using dimes quarters nickels and pennies with only using 8 total coins?

Two quarters Three nickels Three pennies

How do you make 63 cents with 7 coins?

Two quarters, two nickels, three pennies

What 12 coins eqal 77 cents?

2 quarters,1 dime,2 nickels,7 pennies.

What twelve coins equal 85 cents?

Two quarters, one dime, four nickels, five pennies

What eleven coins make seventy five cents?

The answer is four nickels, two quarters, and five pennies equals seventy cents. I had help!

How can you make sixty-three cents with only seven coins?

2 quarters, 2 nickels, 3 pennies

Can you make 77 cents out of 9 coins?

Yes. 2 quarters, 5 nickels and two pennies = .50+.25+ .02 + 77 cents

What 5 coins equal 85 cents?

3 quarters & 2 nickels

How do you make change for 89 cents using 9 coins?

3 quarters 2 nickles 4 pennies

What do you use for coins?

In the US, we use pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

How many cents give you a hundred dollars?

10,000 Pennies 2,000 Nickels 1,000 Dimes 400 Quarters 100 Dollar Coins

How to make 55 cents with 12 coins?

You will make 55 cents with 12 coins by using 5 pennies, 3 dimes, and 4 nickels.5 pennies, 3 dimes, and 4 nickels will make 55 cents with 12 coins.

Are there really over 75 ways to make 50 cents using coins?

Yes! If you use Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies!

How much coins to make 55?

Dollars or cents? Dollars?= 5500 pennies or 550 dimes or 1100 nickels or 220 quarters or 110 half dollars. Cents?= 1 half dollar and 1 nickel or 2 quarters and 1 nickel or five dimes and 1 nickel or 11 nickels or 55 pennies

100 coins equal to 5.00 if you have no nickels what coins do you have?

you have 3 quarters 31 dimes and 65 pennies

How do you make a dollar out of coins?

4 quarters or 10 dimes or 20 nickels or 100 pennies. One dollar is equal to 100 cents so many combinations of coins can be used.

How can you make change for a dollar using excatly 50 coins and using only dimes nickels and pennies?

it is impossible to get exactly one dollar with fifty coins. It requires half a nickel and half a penny, which is impossible (12.5 nickels and 37.5 pennies) if there are 12 nickels and 38 pennies, you get 98 cents if there are 13 nickels and 37 pennies, you get 102 cents

Robert found 24 coins 13 of them were pennies 14 of them were nickels 16 of them were dimes and the rest were quarters how many pennies dimes nickels and quarters did Robert find?

The question suggests that there are 24 coins. 13 of them are pennies, 14 are nickels, and 16 are dimes and the rest are quarters. To answer this question, One would add the number of pennies, nickels, and dimes and subtract the sum of those coins from 24. The difference of the two numbers would be the amount of quarters. However, 13+14+16=43. 24-43= -19 There can't be -19 quarters.

How do you make 25 cents with ten coins?

You cannot. With US coins, you are limited to pennies, nickels, and dimes. 5 pennies = 5 cents 4 nickels = 20 cents Total of 9 coins and 25 cents. It is impossible to use any greater number of coins and impossible to use 10 coins in today's US currency.

What coins can make 62 in change no dimes?

two quarters, two nickels and two penniestwelve nickels and two penniessixty two penniesone half dollar, two nickels and two pennies

What twelve coins make twenty cents?

10 pennies and 2 nickels

What 15 coins make 25 cents?

10 pennies 5 nickels

What 13 coins make 25 cents?

10 pennies and 3 nickels

How do you use 13 coins out of 33 cents?

5 nickels and 8 pennies

What 15 coins make 55 cents?

Ten nickels, five pennies