What twelve coins equal 85 cents?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Two quarters, one dime, four nickels, five pennies

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Q: What twelve coins equal 85 cents?
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What 5 coins equal 85 cents?

3 quarters & 2 nickels

Marisol buys a snack that costs 85 cents she pays with 7 coins what coins does she use?


How many combinations of coins can make 85 cents?


What is the least amount of coins you need to make 85 cents?


How many combination can be made to get 85 cents using 4 coins fifty cents 25 cents 15 cents and 5 cents?


Is it possible to change 15 dollars into an equal number of half-dollars quarters and dimes?

A set of half dollar quarter and dime is worth 50+25+10 = 85 cents. So, with an equal number of these coins the sum can only be a multiple of 85 cents. 15 dollars is not a multiple so cannot be so changed.

What 3 or 4 coins add up to 85 cents?

3 coins- 1 half dollar, 1 quarter, and 1 dime. 4 coins- 3 quarters and 1 dime.

How much 17 nickels?

Each Nickel is worth 5¢ so ... 17 nickels X 5¢ equal 85¢ ... 85 cents.

How can you make 89 cents with 6 coins?

To make 89 cents with 6 coins, you have to first realize that the "9" part of the cents is comprised of 5 cents and 4 pennies. Therefore, you have to have 4 pennies and 85 cents using 2 coins; impossible, since you would need 3 coins(if you had half-dollars) to make that amount: a half-dollar, quarter, and a dime. Basically, it's impossible with only coins worth 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, and 0.50 of the currency(US$, I assume?)

What is 85 percent of a dollar?

85 cents

How much is 17 nickels?

the value is about 1.5 mill in good condishion

How much is 10000 muoi nghin dong in us money?

85 cents