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To convert an improper fraction to a mixed number, divide the denominator into the numerator. The answer is the whole number. Put any remainder over the original denominator to create the fraction part.

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Q: How do you make a mixed number out of fractions?
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What mixed number fractions make 5?


How do you subtract a mixed number by a mixed number?

To subtract a mixed number by a mixed number you first need to turn the fractions into improper fractions then you just subtract them as you would with the normal fractions

How do you make a mixed number to a whole number?

Mixed numbers usually become improper fractions, not whole numbers.

How is a mixed number and an improper fraction similar?

Mixed fractions can be converted into improper fractions then changed back to a mixed number.

How do you write fractions as a mixed number?

you write fractions as a mixed number by dividing what ever number thats in the fraction how do you write 0.304 as a fraction?

How can you use the reciprocal of a number when dividing a mixed number by a mixed number?

Convert them to improper fractions.

What is a number sentence containing equivalent fractions?

mixed number

What do you call fractions with a whole number and a proper faction is called?

They are mixed fractions.

How do you write 349000 in a mixed number?

Its impossible you can change improper fractions into mixed number, but not 3490000...

What is a subtracting mixed number?

Subtracting a mixed number is just subtracting fractions but with a whole number by a fraction. To subtract tun the mixed numbers into improper fractions and find the common denominator. Then you subtract the numerators.

What is a number consisting of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed number. Some people call them mixed fractions.

Do all fractions convert to a mixed number?

No. A mixed number is one where there is a whole number and a fraction. If the whole number is 0 there is no whole number and all that remains is the fraction. All improper (top heavy) fractions can be converted to a mixed number.

Is a mixed number into a mixed fraction the same thing?

Mixed numbers and mixed fractions are the same thing.

How do you do dividing fractions and mixed numbers?

You change the mixed number into an inproper fraction.

When you add and subtract fractions can the answer be a mixed number?


How do you simply improper fractions?

convert into a mixed number.

How do you make improper fractions to mixed fractions?

you have to reduce it.reduce means to get smaller

What type of number has an odd number of fractions?

A mixed number has an integer and onefraction.

How do you subtract mixed number to mixed number?

Convert them to improper fractions with common denominators and proceed normally.

How is multiplying mixed numbers different than multiplying fractions?

if you have mixed numbers you make them into improper fractions before you multiply

Are mixed number the same as improper fractions?

It's not the same because mixed number is a number that can't consisting of an integer !!

Why the result of addition of two mixed number is not always a mixed number?

The fractions could add up to a whole number.

What are The Whole Number Followed By A Fraction?

Mixed numbers, sometimes called mixed fractions.

Which is greater a mixed number or a fraction?

Mixed numbers are greater than proper fractions.

When dividig fractions what do you change a mixed number into?

You change them into improper or topheavy fractions.