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Easy. Just divide the nominator with the denominator. Then you will get the decimal number.

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Q: How do you make factions into decimal?
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What do decimals and factions have in common?

they can both have decimal points in!!

Why not all the decimal numbers can be written as rational numbers?

Decimal numbers that can be expressed as fractions are rational but decimal numbers that can't be expressed as factions are irrational

How can you 0.0125 in factions?

There is not much that can be done to write out this decimal into a fraction, except to make it into the simplest form. With 4 digits in 0125, the very last digit is the "10000th" decimal place. So it would be 0125/10000.

How do you convert factions in to decimal?

You divide the dividend by the divisor untilthe remainder is zero; orthe decimal expression begins to repeat a string; oryou have enough digits after the decimal point for the required accuracy.

Are factions inevitable?

Are factions inevitable?

When you divide a decimal by a decimal what do you make?

a bigger decimal

What is factions in mine craft?

It's a multiplayer server plugin that allows users to create guilds (groups) to work together. Factions can claim land, make enemies, and "raid" other groups.

How do you make 72.6 A decimal?

72.6 is a decimal.

How do you make 6.5 into a decimal?

6.5 is a decimal.

What does a faction do on Minecraft?

Faction servers are mainly desinged for players that are into compitions in factions you can make your own faction (clan) and build a base you can go to war with other factions or make allys with others. You can gain power by inviting other players, killing others in player vs. player battles or playing more on the server. For more information about factions message me.

When was Warring Factions created?

Warring Factions was created in 2007.

How do you get a faction in aqw?

There are factions such as good and evil. But yet, you cannot make one for yourself. You can make a clan website and stuff, though.