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Q: How do you make smoother tables?
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What do the lipids in the smoother do?

Make milkshakes.

What to apply on hair to make it smoother and shiner?

any "conditioner" will do

How can we make a smooth surface even smoother?

by cleaning the surface

Do you like tables?

i make tables they are my livelyhood so i just got to love tables Thats and odd question but about 87% of people like tables

What is the mineral yuksporite used for?

the dinosaurs rubbed it on their skin to make it smoother

How do you make your face smoother?

Use finer grade sand paper

Is baby shampoo good for the hair?

Yes it will make the hair smoother

What are the advantages of sliding bearings?

to reduce friction and make the object move smoother.

What is the function of tuna?

the function of tuna is to wipe it on your belly button to make it smoother

Can DirectX make your sims 3 game go faster?

Yes and smoother.

Does Martha Stewart brand make dinning room tables?

yes , Martha Stewart brand make dinning room tables

What are some of the best ways to use Olive oil?

In your hair to make it longer and your skin to make it smoother and food