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You calculate the square feet of the room/ area. A square feet is still a square feet, no matter on the dimension of the tile

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Q: How do you measure a room for 3 x 3 tile?
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How do you measure a room for 12x12 tile?

width times length 10 x 12 room needs 120 tile.

Square feet of a room 10'5 x 12 to measure for the floor for tile?

125 square feet.

If you have a room 12 X 12 how many 12 X 12 ceiling tile would you need?

144 tile assuming you have no waste.

How many 12x12 tiles needed for a 10 x 10 room?

The units of measurement for neither the tile nor the room are given. I can therefore assume that it is a 10 ft x 10 ft room and a 12 ft by 12 ft [carpet] tile. So answer: less than 1 tile.

How many 12 x 12 tile do I need for a 15' x 15' room?

You need 225 tiles. :)

How do you get the square feet of a room or building?

Measure length of the room, measure the width of the room L x W = Area of the room

How many 12 x 24 tile will it take to tile a 7 x 10 room?

12" x 24" = 1' x 2' = 2 square feet per tile7' x 10' = 70 square feet on the floor of the roomAssuming that you only want to tile the floor, 70/2 = 35 tiles.

The room measures 16' on each side How many square feet of tile are needed to cover the room?

length x width = sq ft 16 x 16 = 256

How many 12 inch tiles is required to tile a 13 x 12 foot room?

12 x 13 or 156 tiles.

How many tiles would you need for a 10'3 x 13' room?

About 137 tiles, if they are 1ft X 1ft dimension, or about 137 square feet of tile. If you are using smaller tile, calculate how many tile are needed per square foot and multiply that times 137.

If my room is 119 square feet how many tiles to you need to buy 12 x 12 tile?


How many 18 inch tiles will it take to tile a 11 x 36 foot room?

176 tiles