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length x width

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Q: How do you measure the square feet of your existing garden?
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Calculate square feet from linear square feet?

Feet can't be converted to square feet. Feet measure length, while square feet measure area.

How many square feet for a garden?

16 square feet

The area of a square garden is 25 square feet.?

Then each side of the garden is 5 feet in length.

The length and width of a rectangular garden are 3m feet and 4m feet respectively. What is the area of the garden in square feet?

It is 12 square feet

What are the dimensions of a garden that is 81 square feet with a perimeter of 36 feet?

If the area of the garden is 81 square feet and the perimeter is 36 feet, the solution is that the garden is a square 9 feet x 9 feet, where 4 x (side) =36.

Don is digging a vegetable garden in his backyard he wants the area of the garden to be 120 square feet he also wants the length of the garden to be more than 12 feet which of the inequality best fits?

12 feet square equals 124 square feet garden 11ftx11ft equals 121 square ft garden

A square garden has an area of 30.25 square feet. What is the perimeter of the garden?

Each side is 5.5 feet and 4 times 5.5 = 22 feet which is the perimeter of the garden

How do you measure the area of a square in terms of square feet?

Measure its side in terms of feet. Multiply that measure by itself to give the area in square feet.

What is the width of a garden that is 25 square feet?

A square garden shape of 25 square feet could be 5 feet long by 5 feet width. There are other possibilities.

How many feet is in 80 square feet?

Feet is a measure of length, square feet is a measure of area. The two can not be equated.

150 feet equals how many square feet?

Feet measure length, square feet measure area. Your question has no answer.

How do you convert square feet into radius square feet?

Square feet are square feet. There is not a measure called radius square feet.