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Feet can't be converted to square feet. Feet measure length, while square feet measure area.

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"Linear square feet" is an oxymoron: if it is a linear measure then it cannot be square and if it a square measure then it cannot be linear.

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Q: Calculate square feet from linear square feet?
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How to calculate linear square feet?

There are linear feet, and square feet, but no "linear square feet".

How do you calculate 40 linear feet with 6 inches high?

20 square feet.

How do you calculate linear feet to square yards?

The two are different units of measure. Linear feet is a distance BETWEEN two points. Square yards is an AREA, such as the area of a living room. Linear feet is one dimensional. Square yards is two dimensional.

If a home is 2000 square feet how many linear feet is the perimeter of the home?

There's no way to calculate that just from square footage.

Calculate inches to square feet?

Inches is a linear measurement and square feet is an area.It is an apples and oranges things.BUT, if you want square inches to square feet, use this:1 square inches = 0.00694444444 square feet

How do I calculate linear square feet?

As for example a rectangle has dimensions 10 feet by 17 feet so its area is: 10 times 17 = 170 square feet

How many square feet are there in 4000 linear feet?

There is no way to convert linear feet to square feet because the unit 'linear feet' measures length but the unit 'square feet' measures area.

How do you calculate lineal feet to square feet?

A linear foot is a unit of length. A square foot is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many linear feet is 8'X 8' and how do you calculate the answer?

Eight feet by eight feet (8' X 8') is a square area. The answer is 64 square feet.But eight times eight feet is 64 (linear) feet, because 8x8=64.

How many linear feet are in a square yard?

The answer is "none." There are three linear feet in a linear yard; therefore, there are nine square feet (3 x 3) in a square yard.

How many square feet is 1486 linear feet?

Square feet is an area, linear feet is a length. Sorry, the question has no meaning...

How do you calculate linear square feet?

Linear Feet and square feet are different units of measure. Linear feet (or simply feet) measure the length of an object or the perimeter of something, such as the length of a board or the total length of the four walls around a room. Square feet measure the area of an object, such as the total floor area of a room. To calculate linear feet, all you have to do is measure the length of the object. To calculate the area (square feet) of a square or rectangular object, multiply the length of two of the adjoining sides. Areas of objects, such as circles, triangles, or irregularly shaped objects can be calculated using unique formulas or dividing the irregular shapes into smaller parts and adding the areas of the smaller parts together.

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