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Q: How do you multiply the binomial to trinomial?
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What is a binomial times a binomial?

You have to multiply each term in the first binomial, by each term in the second binomial, and add the results. The final result is usually a trinomial.

How do you complete the square to make a binomial a perfect-square trinomial?

The binomial usually has an x2 term and an x term, so we complete the square by adding a constant term. If the coefficient of x2 is not 1, we divide the binomial by that coefficient first (we can multiply the trinomial by it later). Then we divide the coefficient of x by 2 and square that. That is the constant that we need to add to get the perfect square trinomial. Then just multiply that trinomial by the original coefficient of x2.

How do you multiply trinomials with binomials in algebra?

A binomial has two terms, while a trinomial has 3 terms. So both terms of the binomial will multiply each term of the trinomial (distribution property). After the multiplication you'll have 6 terms. Look for like terms, if there are, combine them.

What is difference of binomial and trinomial?

A binomial has two sets and trinomial ha three sets

The binomial y15-8z9 can be factored into a binomial and a trinomial what is the trinomial factor?

(y10 + 2y5z3 + 4z6)

Is this number a monomial or binomial or trinomial 30x6-1?

Binomial. Binomial. Binomial. Binomial.

How do you get the product of binomial and trinomial?

You multiply each element of the binomial into each element of the trinomial and then combine like terms. For example, (ax + b)*(cx2 + dx + e) = acx3 + adx2 + aex + bcx2 + bdx + be = acx3 + (ad + bc)x2 + (ae + bd)x + be

Is 36abc a monomial a binomial or a trinomial?


Is 9 a monomial binomial trinomial?


Is 57 a monomial binomial trinomial?

its a monomial.....

Is x3 plus 4 a trinomial?

no it is not. it is only a binomial.

Is 2XY a monomial binomial or a trinomial?