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Let x = abc be a 3-digit number. The expanded for of x is 100*a + 10*b + c.And let y = de = 10*d + e be a 2-digit number.

Then x*y =

1000*a*d + 100*a*e + 100*b*d + 10*b*e + 10*c*d + c*e

= 1000*a*d + 100*(a*e + b*d) + 10*(b*e + c*d) + c*e.

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Q: How do you multiply three digit numbers by two digit numbers?
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How do you multiply by two-digit numbers?

To multiply two digit numbers, multiply each place value of a factor by each place value digit and add the results.

How do you multiply a three-digit number by a two-digit number?

Multiply the three-digit number by the one's digit, or last digit, of the two-digit number. That is your first part. Now multiply by the second-to-last digit, or ten's digit, and multiply the result by 10. That is your second part. Add the two parts and that is your answer.

How do you multiply two-digit numbers in your head?


What is the largest product you can get when you multiply two two digit numbers?


How many three digit whole numbers are there?

There are only 999 three digit whole numbers.

How do you multiply two-digit numbers in a decimal?

To multiply two digit decimal numbers, multiply the numbers as you would without the decimals. To put the decimal in the answer, count the number of decimal places in the two numbers and put the decimal in the answer that many places to the left. For example: 5.12 x 6.35 = 32.5120. If the numbers were 51.2 x 63.5, the answer would be 3251.20.

How many digits can the product of 2 digit number have?

Take the smallest 2-digit number (10), and see how many digits you get when you multiply it by itself.Also, take the largest possible 2-digit number (99), and see how many digits you get when you multiply it by itself.

How do you multiply a three digit number by a four digit number?

You put the four digit number at the top of the three digit number and you do the same thing as you would do with a two digit number with a 3 digit number.

When you multiply 5 the ones digit in the product is one of these two numbers Name the numbers Explain how you know?


How many three digit numbers are there with zero at tens place?

there are no 3 digit tis two digit! :) * * * * * 90 of them.

What are two three digit numbers the tens digit is half the hundreds digit and the ones digit is half the tens digit?

421 and 842

6 digit combination from 1 to 42?

There are 28706 such combinations. 5456 of these comprise three 2-digit numbers, 19008 comprise two 2-digit numbers and two 1-digit numbers, 4158 comprise one 2-digit number and four 1-digit numbers and 84 comprise six 1-digit numbers.

What if the largest period 52 million does not have three numbers is it still a digit Example 52355500 IS this a two digit number or three?

52,355,500 is an eight-digit number.

The difference between these two three digit numbers is 263 what are the numbers?


How many 2 digit numbers are divisible by 3?

Starting at 12 and ending at 99, there are 30 two-digit numbers divisible by three.

How do you divide two digit by three digit numbers?

I think that you would just add a .0 to the end of the two digit number, thus making it three digit, then divide. At the end, you have to put the decimal on the answer in the right place, though.

When you multiply two numbers what do you get?

When you multiply two numbers, you get the product

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How many two and three digit numbers can i make that are multiples of five?

198 of them.

How do you divide the two digit numbers to a three digits number?

by making them half

What are the three largest two digit prime numbers?

They are: 83, 89 and 97

How do you find the area of a math problem with three numbers?

You take the two numbers that you need which is the width and the height then you multiply the width and height and multiply the two numbers to find the product and that's your answer! :)

What factor pair of 70 has 2 digits in each number?

The only way to do that is something like [ 2.5 x 28 ] or [ 3.5 x 20 ]. It can't be done with whole numbers. Here's why: -- The smallest possible 2-digit whole number is 10. -- So the smallest possible product of two 2-digit whole numbers is 100. -- So it's not possible to multiply two 2-digit whole numbers and get 70 .

What is a three digit number that sum to 871?

"Sum" requires at least two numbers. So there cannot be athree digit number that sums to anything.

How many two digit prime numbers are there?

There are 21 two-digit prime numbers.