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To multiply two digit decimal numbers, multiply the numbers as you would without the decimals. To put the decimal in the answer, count the number of decimal places in the two numbers and put the decimal in the answer that many places to the left. For example:

5.12 x 6.35 = 32.5120.

If the numbers were 51.2 x 63.5, the answer would be 3251.20.

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Q: How do you multiply two-digit numbers in a decimal?
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How do you do multiplication problems with decimal points?

You multiply the numbers like you multiply integers. Count how many numbers are after the decimal points in both numbers combined and move the decimal point in front of the answer.

How do you multiply by a decimal?

line up the numbers and decimals multiply regularly then bring the decimal down

When multiplying a decimal by a decimal multiply as with what numbers?

The answer depends on the decimal numbers: there is no simple answer if one (or both) of the decimals is a non-terminating number.

Where is the number of decimal places that should be in the product when you multiply two decimal numbers together?


How do you multiply a decimal with whole and part of a whole number?

Example of multiplying whole decimal numbers: 2.37 × 3.56 = 8.4372 Remove the decimal point and multiply as for whole numbers: 237 × 356 = 84372 Then add the decimal point, thus : 8.4372

If you multiply a decimal number and a whole number will you have a decimal in the answer?

Often, yes. But it depends on the numbers. For example, if you multiply 1.5 x 2, you get 3 as the answer (whole number). But if you multiply 1.5 x 3, you get a decimal of 4.5

When you multiply two numbers that each have two decimal places the product will have?

the product will have four decimal places

How do you multiply 471.5 with 21.3?

The same way you multiply any other decimal numbers. The result is 10,042.95.

How do you solve 2 decimal numbers using multiplacation?

Multiply the numbers, count the total number of decimal places in the problem and place that many in your product.

How do you multiply decimals?

arrange and multiply the number like whole numbers. count the number of decimal places. start from the rightmost, put the decimal point based on the total number of decimal places

What are the four fundamentals operation with decimal numbers?

Add, subtract, multiply and divide.

How do you multiply a whole number by a decimal in the hundreths?

When multiplying a whole number by a decimal with two places, ignore the decimal point and multiply as if you were multiplying two whole numbers. After you get the answer, re-insert the decimal point so that the product has two decimal places.

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