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use fractional distillation. the process works becuz the fractions have different boiling poing ranges

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Q: How do you obtain various fraction of petroleum?
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Petroleum products are obtained from?

Crude oil is processed to obtain petroleum products.

What is petroleum and the separation of petroleum using fractional distillation?

Petroleum fractions refer to the different end products, which can be split up, or refined, from crude oil. lol, this, below, was here before i improved the answer. XD BRAD IS SO UGLY! ARIANA IS A FOOL TO BE DATING A UGLY BUG LIKE HIM.

Petroleum fraction that has the lowest boiling point?

petroleum gas. this gas is used for cooking.

What is the first fraction to separate out of petroleum?


Did crude oil means petroleum?

Petroleum is refined from crude oil and is but one fraction only

What is the first fraction to sepatate out of petroleium?

It depends on the petroleum. Petroleum is a mixture that varies from one area to another.

How do you obtain petroluem and natural gas?

we obtain petroleum and natural gas by the remains of microscopic sea life. by: Ta Robinson

What is petroleum fraction?

Petroleum fractions are the useful substances that make up petroleum. Petrolium itself is not very useful, but the fuels, raw materials, and oil that are part of it are used all the time.

Why is crude oil separated by fractional distillation?

Petroleum is a mixture of various useful constituents and cannot be used directly,so to use it we have to seperate petroleum by a method called fractional distillation of petroleum.

What fraction of the petroleum used by the US is imported from other countries?

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What fraction of the petroleum used by the United States is imported from other countrise?

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Is cracking of petroluem fraction a physical or chemical change?

Cracking of petroleum is a chemical process.