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Regular pentagons do not tessellate.

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Q: How do you put 3 regular pentagons together?
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What is the name of a 3d pentagon soccer ball?

A regular 3-d figure formed from pentagons is a dodecahedron (12 faces). However, a soccer ball is not a 3-d shape formed from only regular pentagon. Instead it comprises 12 regular pentagons (usually black) and 20 regular hexagons (white).

How many vertices are in a 3 d pentagon?

The 3-d figure formed from regular pentagons is the dodecahedron which has 20 vertices.

How many edges are in a 3 D pentagon have?

The 3D shape formed by regular pentagons is a dodecahedron, which has 30 edges.

What is a 12 with pentagon sided 3d shape called?

A dodecahedron is a 3-d shape with 12 faces that are regular pentagons.

How many pentagons tessellate to make a 3d shape?

Tessellation is covering a 2-d surface. Tessellation and making a 3-d shape are not compatible processes. 12 regular pentagons will form a dodecahedron.

How many sides are the same in a pentagon?

In geometry, "regular" means all the sides are the same (and all angles the same). A regular pentagon has all 5 sides the same. Some pentagons have every side different; other irregular pentagons have 2, 3, 4, or 5 sides the same.

What shape can tessellate with a regular pentagon?

hexagons work because each angle is 120 degress, as you say, and 3 times 120 equals 360 degrees. So three hexagons will surround a point with no 'space" left over. but the interior angle of a pentagon is108 degrees. three pentagons together only fill up 3 time 108, or 324 degrees. There is space left over. But four pentagons would overlap. so 3 is not enough and 4 is too many. Pentagons cannot surround a point the way hexagons do.

Text a heart?

To text a heart put < and 3 together like <3

How many one to one correspondences could be listed between the vertices of two regular pentagons?

There are 5*4*3*2*1 = 120 possibilities.

What regular polygons can be put in a tessellation?

Regular polygons with 3, 4 or 6 sides.

How many sides does 3 pentagons have?


What do you get when you put three triangles together?

if you put 3 triangles together you get a bigger triangle.

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