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9/20 = 0.45

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Q: How do you put 9 over twenty in decimal form?
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How would you put eighteen over twenty as a fraction into a decimal?

18/20 = 0.9

How do you write twenty-four hundredths in decimal form?

buy putting 24 behind the decimal point and you can put a 0 in front of the decimal point but you don't haft to

What is decimal form of 66 percent?

To get the decimal form of 66%, you put 66 over 100 66 100 which to make into a decimal you divide both the number by 100 to get 0.66.

How do you put 910 in decimal form?

910 in decimal form = 910.0

How do you put 545.00129 in decimal word form?

545.00129 = five hundred forty-five and one hundred twenty-nine hundred-thousandths .

How do you write each decimal as a percent 0.6?

To put a decimal in percent form you have to move the decimal over to the left twice putting zero's in the place of and then put a % at the end this is the best way i can answer the question

How do you put 21.7 as a decimal?

21.7 is already in decimal form

How do you put 3.3 as decimal?

You have already written it in decimal form.

How do you write twenty one thousandths as a fraction?

the decimal number is .021. to change it to a percent, simply move the decimal place over (-->) twice (2.1%). then you put the decimal over 100 (2.1/100) and simplify.

What is the number called when it can't be put into a fraction or decimal?

Any number can be put into decimal form.

How do you change a decimal in to a fraction?

put decimal over 100

How do you put 5 out of 12 in decimal form?

5 out of 12 in decimal form = 0.41675/12:= 5 ÷ 12= 0.4167 in decimal

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