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Multiply both the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) of the quotient by any non-zero integer or divide both by any common factor. You will have an equivalent quotient.

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Q: How do you put a quotient in two different ways?
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What do you notice about the quotient of two rational numbers with different signs?

The quotient is negative.

How do you determine the sign of a quotient two integers?

-- If the two integers have the same sign, their quotient is positive. -- If the two integers have different signs, their quotient is negative.

What is the quotient of two negative numbers or two positive numbers?

If the dividend and divisor have the same sign, then the quotient is positive. If their signs are different, then the quotient is negative.

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Is The quotient of two integers with different sign is negative?

Yes, it is.

Name the rule for dividing integers with different signs?

The value of the quotient of two integers with different signs is the same as if the signs were the same. Because the numbers have different signs, the quotient is negative.

What are the rules for the multiplying and dividing integers?

The product or quotient of two numbers that have the same sign is positive. The product or quotient of two numbers with different signs is negative.

Write this mathematical phrase two ways, then simplify. The quotient of -120 and -3?

Recall that "quotient" just means divide, so we would have -120 / -3 which would simplify to 40

What is the product of 117 in two different ways?

write the product of 117 two different ways

How do you find the product and quotient of two integers?

To find the Quotient and Product of two integers this is how it works if the two numbers are the same sign then it would be a postivite answer but if the two number has different signs the answer would be negative but that is only with muilty and divison

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How willyou describe the quotient of two positive or two negative integere?

As a quotient of two integers!

What is the quotient of two quantities called?

The quotient of two quantities called a ratio.

What the freak is a quotient?

a quotient is answer you get from dividing two numbers.

How many syllables in quotient?

two syllables in quotient

How do you put 15 into a product two different ways?

They are: 3 times 5 = 15 and 1 times 15 = 15

What is the quotient of 158535?

You need two numbers to find a quotient.

Which is the quotient?

a quotient is when ya divide two numbers together

What is a quotient?

A quotient is the result of dividing two numbers. If we divide one number into another number, the result is the quotient. It might be argued that the quotient is the ratio of two numbers, but what has been stated applies.

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What is a number that can be written as a quotient of 2 positive or negative numbers?

Any positive number can be written as a quotient of two positive numbers or a quotient of two negative numbers. Any real number can be written as the quotient of two real numbers.

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What is the answer you get when you divide two numbers?

The quotient

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