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there will be a spot on back of distributor cap it will say tach run wire from there to gauge. You probably need to run a switched 12v lead as well to illuminate the tach at night. The tach slot on the distributor will take care of 'timing' the pulse to the tach. Often times the tach will have a switch setting for 4-6-8 cylinder. Read the manufacturer instructions carefully.

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Q: How do you put in a tach if your vehicle doesn't come stock with one?
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How can you tell if a crank sensor is bad?

Check the diagnostic codes on your vehicle, if the crank sensor is bad the car's computer should know it. Can't really give more specific information without the make/model of the vehicle in question. if vehicle is equipted w/ a tach. watch tach while cranking, if tach doesnt move while cranking USUALLY means bad crank sensor

How do you install a Sunpro super tach 2 tachometer in a 95 acura integra?

you can install any kind of tach you want to in your car..if you do not have a stock tach then look in your manual for the rmp sensor wire..should be blue or green coming off the distributor...just splice into it...if you have a stock tach you can just splice into the stock tach wires by taking off the dash

Where on the coil pack do you tap into to hook up a tach on a 95 2.2 cav if it doesnt already have a stock tach?

there is a white almost tanish looking solid color wire on the group of wires that plug into the guage cluster use a quick connect to connect the signal wire from the tach to the white wire on the guage cluster

How do you install an after market tachometer in a 96 ford escort LX that didn't come with a stock tach?

this is a good question. my 98 escort lx didnt have a stock tach so i bought aftermarket and tried to splice the wire off disturbtor off one of those reading one and it gave me half reading such as for 3,000, it show 1,500 instead, even on the setting of 4 cylinder. if you can get your hand on a stock tach from used escort, you can install that and keep same odometer, it is fairly simple thing to do, and even all escort comes with pre wire for the stock tach, i replace my dash stuff and added stock tach, and it works great, very accurate reading. tried to use same connection on tach from the dash pre wire, didnt give reading, guess it needs a special signal to mak eit work, if need more help with gettin stock tach to make it work, email me at evanescenceobsessor (at) tmail (dot) com eventually im gonna do more project on my car and find the wire. one friend told me it is a pink wire in middle console, that gives right signal on tach but i will need to check on that.

What is wrong with a 95 Chevy truck when speedometer and tach doesnt work and transmission wont shift but some times it does?

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is probably bad. Also check the fuses.

Can you put a tach on a stock 87 Chevy 305 distributor?

Yes you can no problem.

94 F150 4.9L will not start New spark plugs Fuel pumps are working?

Yes, i found the answer. Truck had an aftermarket tachometer installed. 2nd truck this tach has been on. After 320,000 mi. on this tach, something in the wiring or internals failed. Unplugged the tach, truck fired right up. Check those aftermarket accessories you installed, before finding fault with the factory stock vehicle.

How do you install a tach?

This entirely depends on the vehicle and the type of tach your referring to such as a add on tach or an OEM in dash tach. To explain how to install and OEM tach would take far to long. I would suggest a add on tach that mounts basically where ever you want to mount it. Most of these tachs explain the installation instructions. I personally recommend a tach by Autometer you can view their products on the web at the link below. , EzForJesus

How do you install a Tacho in a 1985 Toyota Corolla Manual?

Does the vehicle already have a tach?no

What color is the tach wire?

You need a wiring diagram for that answer. each vehicle is different.

How to install a tachometer on a 1994 Chevy 350 tbi?

Providing that you have a stock Vehicle ignition system, we just put a tach on our 90 350 and there are two plugs on the coil, a single wire comes from the fire wall, the other has two wires and comes from the dist, out of that plug there is a short wire pig tail that is just hanging there and it has a protected male terminal on the end of it , plug your applicable tach sensor into that connection and follow the tach install instructions to hook up your lighting and ignition wires. Most new tachs come with installation instructions. Happy Reving

What could cause the stock tach in an 85 El Camino with 305 engine to read approx double the actual rpm of the engine when it used to work and nothing has been changed?

The Tach's connection could have become loose over time. Also, if the tach is original to the vehicle, it may just be damaged from age and need replaced.

Where to connect a aftermarket tachometer on a 96 cavalier Z22 don't know where to connect the tach signal lead?

The instructions will come with the new tach.

How do you install a tachometer on a 1986 Ford Crown Victoria LTD Station Wagon?

Instructions should come with the tach. Otherwise, contact the tach manufacturer.

How come the radio speedometer tach and wipers doesnt work with the key in the on position on a 98 mercury sable?

I have a vague recollection that the neutral start switch could be the problem.See "Related Questions" below for more

Where is Tach wire from PCM to dashboard on Cherokee sport 2000?

The tach signal to the cluster is not on a dedicated wire. It comes over the CCD data bus. Which is a pair of wires that the computers on this vehicle use to transmit messages and information.

How do you take the rev limiter out of a 1991 350 Chevy?

it doesnt sound orthodox but cut the tach wires to the dash, it worked on my 94 with a 350.

Where is the tach sending wire on a 1994 jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter this car didnt come with a tach from the factory but I would like to add one?

it's located at the bottom of the distributor

Does anybody know with a 96 s10 pickup that has no tach from the factory can you install a cluster that has a tach Will the connection be there for a tach if originally it did not have one?

theirs a green wire by distributer that is for the tach

How do you install the tach wire for a tachometer for a '99 Elantra?

IF you have the installation instructions for the tach, it prolly tells you where to attach the tach wire. If not, call the manu. of the tach or search for their website online.

How do you wire in a tachometer in a 1995 Ford F150?

If it has a distributor, follow the directions that came with the tach. The coil will be mounted on the left valve cover- just follow the coil wire from the distributor. If the vehicle has a DIS setup, you won't be able to use that tach as there is no distributor.

Will replacing the Tach filter on a 1986 corvette fix a non-working tach everything in the cluster works but the tach?


Can you swap out an instrument cluster without a tach for one with a tach?

Yes you can

How do you install a aftermarket tech in a 1993 mark viii?

if you mean tach/tachometer you have find an aftermarket tach driver and plug it in where the original tach plugs in

Why doesnt the rpm go above 4000 rpm in a 2002 Z24 cavalier?

that car has a rev limiter to make ur tach go higher find and eliminate it