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Q: How do you read an mechanical schematic drawing?
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What is the drawing of an electrical circuit called?

"schematic diagram" or "schematic drawing"

What is a mechanical layout drawing?

This is a schematic drawing of a mechanical system, which is divided into a number of differentbranches: plumbing, HVAC, fire suppression to name but a few. There might be a different set of drawings for each branch, depending on the scale and complexity of the project

The drawing of an electrical circuit is called a?

schematic drawing

Does the scale have to appear on a drawing?

It depends on the purpose and type of the drawing. If the scale would be necessary for proper interpretation of the drawing (e.g. mechanical drawing, plans for a building) then yes. If the scale would not help in interpreting the drawing (e.g. electronics schematic, software data flow diagram) then no.

The drawing of an electrical circuit is called?

The drawing of an electrical circuit is called a.............= schematic drawing.

Where does the term schematic come from?

The term "schematic" comes from the greek word "schema" which means "drawing".

What is a pictorial and schematic drawing?

A pictorial and schematic drawing show all of the components of a specific system and the wiring between these components. These drawings can be used for assembly or for trouble shooting and repair.

What is inspection drawing and production drawing?

An inspection drawing looks like/is a schematic, detailing the exact mechanical layout of a factory, building, etc ... A production drawing is an illustration of what the buliding would look like, if it had yet to be built/dressed. Think of a movie set. The production drawing would show you what the space would look like, complete with specific lighting and people included, to give a sense of scale.

What has the author A S Levens written?

A. S. Levens has written: 'Problems in mechanical drawing, first course' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing 'Problems in engineering drawing' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing 'Problems in mechanical drawings' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing

What is that really long word for an electrical drawing?


What does diagram mean?

Schematic or drawing showing the layout of components.

What does diagramming mean?

Schematic or drawing showing the layout of components.

What has the author Frank Lowell Kennedy written?

Frank Lowell Kennedy has written: 'Mechanical drawing; outline of course engineering 3a, Harvard university' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing 'Mechanical drawing; outline of course engineering' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing

Where can you find an exploded schematic view drawing of a 2003 Dodge truck front end?

You can find an exploded schematic view drawing of a 2003 Dodge truck front end online at places like Ram ForumZ and Diesel Place. You can also find this expanded version of the schematic on Diesel Truck Resource online.

What are the Classification of drawing?

it is freehand,mechanical and technical drawing

What is a schematic circuit diagram?

A drawing showing the detailed interconnections of the components in the circuit.

In a schematic drawing of battery is the long side the positive side or the negative?

The positive

Classification of drawing according to function in art?

mechanical drawing??

2 kinds of mechanical drawing?

Two kinds of mechanical drawings include gear ratio pictures and detailed housing pictures. Mechanical drawing can be done freehand or on the computer.

Kinds of drawing?

There are several different kinds of drawing. There is doodling, sketching, mechanical drawing, life drawing, geometric drawing, analytic drawing, and illustrations.

What is a read drawing?

A drawing that has been looked at and studied (read)?

Where can you find a very descriptive electrical schematic drawing for a 1992 Toyota Corolla?


What are the two division of drawing?

freehand - is a technique of making a drawing without the use of drawing instrument mechanical - is a technique of making a drawing with the use of drawing instrument

Where on the internet can you find a schematic drawing of an 1100 semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun?

Go to, then go to the "support" menu, choose parts. From there you can find the schematic for the 1100.

What has the author Chas William Reinhardt written?

Chas. William Reinhardt has written: 'The technic of mechanical drafting' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing 'The technic of mechanical drafting' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing