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Q: How do you refer to more than one miss?
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What does the abbreviation Messrs for?

It is the abbreviation when you refer to more than one Mister (Mr.).

When do you use these and this?

These is used to refer to more than one thing or person that are near. (these + plural noun)This is used to refer to one thing or person that is near. (this + singular noun)

What contributors mean?

Contributions refer to the support and input that is made by more than one person.

Who did he meet and what did she help him do?

The Old Testament refers to more than one man and more than one woman, so you must specify to which man and to which woman your pronouns refer.

Can you use the word you when referring to two people?

Yes, 'you' can be used either to refer to a singular person or as a collective pronoun to refer to more than one person.

Is it right to say that bigamy and polygamy refer to marrying more than once?

No. The terms bigamy and polygamy refer to a person marrying more than one person at the same time. Many people marry more than once through death, divorce or annulment and they are not bigamists or polygamists.

Which nouns refer to more than one person or thing?

Plural nouns are words for two or more people or things.

What do the initials ACSA refer to?

One will actually find that the initials ACSA stand for more than one thing. A few things that they refer to are American Computer Science Association, and the Apple Certified System Administrator.

Would the plural of more than one class be classes'?

Yes. Just like any other word, the term class too has a plural which is "classes". The term classes is very commonly used to refer to a group of classes (more than one class). It is not an uncommon word. So, if you refer to the word classes, any java programmer will know that you are referring to more than one class at a shot.

Are there 3 hells in the King James Bible?

I have never heard Jesus refer to more than ONE Hell. Why are you asking this?

What is the difference between sport and sports?

Well sport is supposed to refer to one sport and sports is plural and is meant to talk of more than one sport

How do you make it human anatomy in a sentence in singular to plural?

"Human anatomies" would refer to different anatomies classed as human. "Humans' anatomies" would refer to the anatomies of more than one human.