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You simply take the percent sign away and move the decimal 2 places to the left. Every whole number, though not neccessarily shown, has a decimal point on the right; for example, the number 28 is really 28. and 176 is 176. To make 28% (same as 28.%) in decimal form, you move the decimal point 2 places to the left and drop the percent 28% is .28 and 176% (or 176.%) would be 1.76

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Q: How do you rewrite a percent as a decimal?
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Rewrite the decimal as a percent 0.92?


How do you Rewrite decimal as a percent 0.021?

0.021 = 2.1%

How do you rewrite 8 percent as a decimal number?

It is: 8% = 0.08

Which rewrite 8 percent as a decimal numberh one is?

You divide percent values by 100 (or move the decimal two places to the left) to get the decimal equivalent: 8 / 100 = 0.08

How does the decimal point move when you rewrite a percent as a decimal and when you rewrite a decimal as a percent?

It's pretty simple. Every percent is out of 100. There is no possible percent higher than one hundred. So, when a percent needs to be changed into a decimal, you move it 2 decimal points to the left. This is so because percent means parts of 100, where 100 has 2 zeros. For example: 80% is 80/100. 80/100 = .8, so you move the decimal point two times to the left. When you rewrite a decimal as a percent, you do the opposite; move it two decimal points to the right. Make sure that the decimal is not greater than one because one is equal to 100% and as I said before, nothing can be greater than 100%. For example: .9934 = 99.34% or 99.34/100; move the decimal two to the right. I hope that helps.

How do you rewrite a fraction to a percent?

change the fraction in to a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator . Then multiply by 100 (same as moving the decimal point left 2 places).

How do you rewrite 3 fifths as a decimal?

3/5 as a decimal is 0.6

Rewrite the percent as a fraction in lowest terms 5 percent?

5 percent you write as 5% then you put it into a decimal as .5. Then wite it as a fraction as 5 over 10. Then reduce by 5 then you get one half.

How do I rewrite 6.03 as a decimal fraction?

Your rewrite it as 66

Rewrite the fraction as a decimal 94/5?


How do you rewrite 35mm as cm?

3.5 cm, you move the decimal

Which show 70.8 percent percent as a decimal?

70.8 percent percent as a decimal is 0.708.

How do you change decimal into percent?

To change decimal to percent: Multiply the decimal by 100%.

How do you rewrite twenty three and eight fourths in decimal form?


2.161616 rewrite the repeating decimal as a bar notation?

2 16

How do you change 53 to decimal?

Simple. Just rewrite it exactly as in the question!

What is the decimal for 25.3 percent?

Dr. Pepper rule. DP means decimal to percent move decimal to right to get percent. Move decimal to the left to change percent to decimal. 25.3%=.253

What is 38 as a decimal and percent?

Decimal: 38.00 Percent: 380%

What is 3.3 percent as a decimal?

0.033 is 3.3 percent as a decimal.

What is 0.55 percent as a decimal?

0.55 percent as a decimal is 0.0055.

What is 121.6 percent as a decimal?

121.6 percent as a decimal is 1.216.

What is 41.2 percent as a decimal?

41.2 percent as a decimal is 0.412.

What is 3.4 as a decimal and percent?

As a decimal: 3.4 As a percent: 340%

What is 0.914 percent as a decimal?

0.914 percent as a decimal is 0.00914.

What is 31.92 percent as a decimal?

31.92 percent as a decimal is 0.3192