How do you round 2229.66 to 0 decimal places?

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2229.66 to 0 decimal places = 2230

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2014-03-22 17:09:00
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Q: How do you round 2229.66 to 0 decimal places?
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How do you round 256.64879 to 0 decimal places?


How do you round 256.4563 to 0 decimal places?

If you round to zero decimal places, you are simply rounding to the nearest whole number. Since the tenths decimal place is less than 5, you would round down and get an answer:256

What does 1.995 round up to?

2 (if rounded to 2,1 or 0 decimal places).

How do you round off 698.698 to two decimal places?

698.70 Edit: When rounding up or down to decimal places - always look at the next digit. If it's between 0 & 4, you round down. If it's between 5 & 9, you round up (as in this case) Snakester1962 (Supervisor)

How do you rounded to one decimal place for 147?

147 is already rounded to 0 decimal places. But if you mst try to round it to 1 dp, is should be written as 147.0

How do you round 7.7 to the nearest decimal place?

To round a number, the decimal place that you want to round to, needs to be specified. If you want to round to the tenths place or to 1 decimal place, then this number is already there: 7.7 is seven and seven tenths. If you want to round it to zero decimal places, or to the nearest whole number, then look at the tenths place and if it is 0-4 you round down to 7, if it is 5-9 (which it is) you round up to 8.

Round 5.24 to the nearest tenth?

5.20 * * * * * The answer should be 5.2 - the trailing 0 implies that it is accurate to two decimal places which, after rounding, it is not.

You have to have your final answer0.036089457 with 4 places of precision with no leading zeros what is the correct number?

0.036089457 to four decimal places (4 places of precision) is 0.0361. The number at the 5th decimal place (8) is used to round *up* the 4th decimal place figure from 0 to 1. If the number at the 5th decimal place had been

How do you round 29.46 so it wont have a decimal?

You cannot. It will remain a decimal number even if you round it to the nearest million, when its value is 0. If you mean when it does not have a decimal point, the answer is 29.

What does this look like when it is round to 0 decimal place 256.4563?


How to round 4.50 to one decimal place?

4.50 = 4.5 to one decimal place by removing the 0

What is 0.86431 to 2 decimal places?

It is 0.86 to two decimal places.

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