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100,000 in number notation

One hundred thousand in word notation.

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Q: How do you say 100000 in number and word notation?
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How do you say the number 100000 in french?

"cent mille"

how do you say this number 100000?

one hundred thousand

How do you say 4.0812 in word notation?

4.0812 in word notation is four and eight hundred twelve ten-thousandths

What is number- and- word- notation?

it is a way to say a long number in numbers and words EX. 1,000 would be 1 thousand

How do you say 0.95 in word notation?

ninety five hundredths

How do you say 100000000000000 in word notation?

One hundred trillion.

How do you do standard notation in math?

Standard Notation is where you take a number, say 10 to the fourth power and you turn it into its original number witch in this case is 10,000.

How do you say 4.0802 in word notation?

four and eight hundred two ten thousandths

How do you say 42000000000000000?

A large number that would normally be expressed in scientific notation.

How do you say a 41 digit number?

You best use scientific notation for such large numbers.

How do you say this number 15000000000000000 in words?

Since it is a fairly large number, I suggest you use scientific notation. It is fifteen quadrillion. In scientific notation, it would be 1.5 x 10^16.

Can you have a whole number in scientific notation?

Yes. A whole number is any positive number including zero. Let's say you want to use the whole number 47. The scientific notation for 47 is 4.7 times 101. You can put any number into scientific notation except fractions. You would have to change the fraction to a decimal (if possible) before you could put it into scientific notation.