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Q: How do you say it is nine fifteen?
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Can I say It's fifteen to nine?

Yes, you can say "It's fifteen to nine" to indicate it is 8:45. This is a common way to express time in English.

How do you say 915?

Nine hundred fifteen.

How do you say nine fifteen in Spanish?

Las nueve y cuarto.

What is nine plus fifteen?

Nine plus fifteen is 24!

How do you say 15409 in word form?

fifteen thousand, four hundred nine.

How do you say 17.5915?

Seventeen and five thousand, nine hundred fifteen ten-thousandths.

What is the way to say 15409 in word form?

Fifteen thousand, four hundred nine.

How do you say 915 in french?

neuf un cinq (nine one five)orneuf cent quinze (nine hundred and fifteen)

What is quarter after nine in time?

Nine fifteen

How do you write 15409 in words form?

The number 15409 in words is: Fifteen thousand, four hundred and nine.

What time is it quarter past nine fifteen?

Nine thirty.

How do you spell 15.69?

The value 15.69 is "fifteen and sixty-nine hundredths." In US currency, it would be "fifteen dollars and sixty-nine cents."