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how do you set the equation in algebra to solve 42 nickles to 19 dimes

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Q: How do you set the equation in algebra for 42 nickes to 19 dimes to solve?
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How you can solve these applications of algebra?

Use equation.

How can you use inverse operations to solve an equation without algebra titles?

Without algebra tiles?

How do you find the value of y in algebra?

You solve an equation containing y.

Do you solve x first in an algebra equation?

You need not have x in an algebraic equation. You solve whichever one is the easiest and that depends on the set of equations that you have.

What is a exponential in algebra?

depends on the question but an EXPONENTIAL EQUATION is in the for 2^x = 4 and you have to solve for x.

Bob has 60 coins consisting of quarters and dimes The coins combined value is 9.45 How many are quarters and how many are dimes?

there are 23 quarters 37 dimes to do this use simultaneous equations to make this simpler i will assign variables to amount of quarters and dimes x-quarters y-dimes you know you have 60 coins, so amount of quarters plus dimes is 60 x+y=60 you also know the amount is equal to $9.45 since quarters are $0.25 and dimes are $0.10 another equation can be made 0.25x+0.10y=9.45 this equation shows what you do when you count your change now solve the first equation for a variable using algebra x=60-y you can then plug this new value into your second equation 0.25(60-y)+0.1y=9.45 you can now solve for y, which is the number of dimes y=37 now plug this number back into x=60-y to get the amount of quarters x=60-(37) x=23 23 quarters 37 dimes

How do you solve 5-b equals 2t algebra?

It is not possible to solve a single linear equation in two unknown variables (b and t).

Is there a website tht will change algebra equations?

wolframalpha.comYou can insert any equation in it and Wolfram|Alpha will solve it.

what is algebra ygb-iboe-hvz?

Algebra ygb-iboe-hvz is a type of algebraic equation known as a "ygb-iboe-hvz equation". This type of equation is a type of linear equation that is commonly used to solve for the unknown variable in a given equation. The equation is composed of three terms: ygb, iboe, and hvz. The ygb term is the coefficient of the unknown variable, the iboe term is the constant, and the hvz term is the right-hand side of the equation. To solve the equation, the coefficients of each term must be determined and the equation must be rearranged to solve for the unknown variable.

How do you solve 5x25?

In algebra, you cannot solve 5x25 since there is no equation nor an inequality, only an expression.

Do you always have to use the distributive property to solve algebra equations?

Yes, when there are parenthesis in an equation, you have to use the distibutive property.

What number is n in algebra?

The whole point of using n in algebra is that it stands for an unspecified number. Until you have an equation (or inequality) that involves n and solve it for a value of n.