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you cut them in five peices

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Share 2 apples among three people equally?

only if you can cut each of the apple in 3 or 6 pieces if you cut in 3 pieces each, each person would have 2 pieces of apple if you cut in 6 pieces each, each person would have 4 pieces of apple

How do you divide 8apples among 6 people equally?

You divide each apple into 3 equal pieces. You will then have 8 x 3 = 24 equal pieces. 24 pieces divided by 6 people = 4 pieces per person

Can you divide equally 17 apples among 16 children?

You sure can. Give each child one apple and cut the last into 16 pieces - one for each child.If you don't want to cut the apple then no, you cannot equally divide 17 apples among 16 children.

How do you divide 16 apples equally among 17 children?

Since 16 and 17 are relatively prime, i.e. they share no divisors other than 1, the only ways to divide 16 apples equally amongst 17 children is to either cut each apple into 17 pieces and give 16 pieces to each child, or cut a 17th of an apple out of each apple, give the cut apples to 16 of the children and give the 16 pieces to the 17th child.Another way to do it is to make apple sauce. From my wife. Gee, wish I had thought of that. :-)>

Does 14 apple pieces can not be divided equally except by giving one piece to each person?


How can you divide equally 16 apples among 17 children?

Yes give them each 16/17 of an apple.

How do you share 2 apples among 3 people equally?

Cut them into thirds and give everyone two thirds. OR give one person 1 apple then chop the other one in half and share it with your best friend!!

What is an apple called if it is cut into 7 pieces?

an apple.

What is healthier the apple or skin of apple?

Both are equally as important and its always better to eat an apple with the skin on! :)

How do you divide 10 apples among 11 people?

you have to make apple sauce

There are 12 pieces of pie left over in the cafeteria If 6 pieces are apple and 6 are cherry what fraction of the remaining pieces are apple?


The bakery makes 28 blueberry Pieces. It makes times as many Apple pieces . It makes 48 pieces?


Does an apple fritter have apple chunks or pieces in it?

well chunks and pieces are basically the same thing although pieces will soften better in the oven as it bakes. hope it helps :)

Does a red apple rot faster then a green apple?

No, it does not matter what color or type of apple you have. What makes an apple rot is when it is exposed to oxygen. So if you left a slice of a red apple and a slice of a green apple both out on your counter for an equal amount of time. You would see that they were equally exposed, meaning they are equally rotted.

How many apple slices can be divided equally with giving one to a person?

As many as you can cut the apple into.

There are 11 pieces of pie left over in the cafeteria If 6 pieces are apple and 5 are cherry what fraction of the remaining pieces are apple?


What is one eighth?

Cut an apple into 4 equal pieces. Cut each piece of the apple in half. The 8 pieces you end up with are each one eighth of the apple.

A mother had 8 apples and 6 children how could she divide the apples equally among the children without fractional parts?

She gave each child an apple, then ate two herself.

What happens when you boil an apple?

When you boil an apple, the juice from the apple will come out. The apple breaks into pieces and thickens as a liquid, perfect as apple sauce.

How would 7 people can share 6 apples each equally get in fractions?

Divide: 6/7 th of an apple for each person. Or hopefully one person will decide not to have an apple and then each of the remainingpeople get 1 whole apple each.

Which number of apple pieces can not be divided equally except by giving one piece to each person?

Any prime number: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, etc.

5 apples give to 4 people?

Give each person one apple, then cut the other apple into four pieces and give each person a quarter apple. Each person will have one and a quarter apples.

Is there such thing as the apple of eden?

No, there are no such things as Pieces of Eden.

What was the name of the apple stroodle sweet in the 70s?

Stroodles! Little apple pieces covered in chocolate in an apple shaped bag. Yummy.

Is apple wood good for burning in a wood stove I'm pruning my huge apple trees and wonder if it is worth it to keep the branches over the winter and cut it up for firewood?

Some people think so but I would recommend that you sell it. Trust me, people like the smell of apple wood better than oak! Large pieces of apple wood have value as lumber, but smaller pieces that you get from your branches are more practical to just burn. They do burn very well.