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43 > 34

(The bigger side of the symbol points to the bigger number.)

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Q: How do you show 43 is greater than 34 using a greater or less than symbol?
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What symbol is used to show one thing is greater than and another less than?

10>9; 10 is greater (>) rhan nine 9<10; 9 is less (<) than ten

Which symbol i may use to show one thing is greater than and another less than?

X>Y, Means X is greater than Y, Y>X Means Y is greater, Ok.

What is the symbol for less then is it?

This is the symbol (inside the brackets so it will show up here): [ < ]

What can you use to show that one quantity is greater than another quantity?

You use the "greater than" symbol, > .

What symbol is used to show less than?


Greater than less than equal show the symbols?

> greater than < less than = equal to

What is the mathematical symbol for at least?

Here is an example that will show you right away what the symbol is. We want "at least" 3. That means 3 or more So the sign is ≥. (Greater than or equal to)

How do you show less than a number?

You can use arrows to show that one number is less than another: if a is less than b, you can symbolize that as a<b. If a is greater than b, you can write it as a>b.

What of the symbols correctly relates the two numbers below 65 56?

The symbol is ≠. If that does not show correctly in the browser, it is the equality sign with with a forward slash through it. In word, you can type 2260 followed by Alt X.

How can show five less than a number using an expression?

bye using five or more

How could you show five less than a number using an expression?

By using c-5=3or2

Show you a peace symbol?

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How would you show that fewer than 66 people attended something in inequality form?

aa.The letter can be any you chose. But the symbol is chosen dependent on which side it is on. < Means "is less than" and > means "is greater than."

When you have two numbers side by side and you need to show which is greater then the other with the symbol in the middle what does the symbol look like example 4 sym 5?

&gt; means greater than. You put the bigger number on the left side of the symbol. Just remember that the left side of &gt; is bigger and the right side is smaller. So the bigger numbers goes on the bigger side and the smaller number goes on the smaller side.

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A number sentence that use the greater than sign and the less than sign to show that two expression do not have the same value?

it is called a inequality

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How you could show five less than a number using expression?

By doing c+5=3 or 2

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