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X>Y, Means X is greater than Y, Y>X Means Y is greater, Ok.

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Q: Which symbol i may use to show one thing is greater than and another less than?
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What symbol is used to show one thing is greater than and another less than?

10>9; 10 is greater (>) rhan nine 9<10; 9 is less (<) than ten

What is the symbol for greater than and less than?

The symbol for greater than is > and the symbol for less than is <

What is the name for greater than symbol or the Less than symbol?

It is > for less than and < for greater than.

What are the symbols for greater and less?

The greater than symbol is ">" and the less than symbol is "<", without the quotes.

What are the for greater than and less than symbols?

< > = Greater than , less than and equal too

What are the greater than and less than symbols called?

The "is greater than" and "is less than" symbols are the relations of an equality. this is the greater than symbol > this is the less than symbol <

What is the real name of the less and greater then symbol?

< is less than > is greater than

What are the Greater than less than symbol?

Greater than: > Less than: <

How do you add less than symbol in Excel?

The less than symbol is and you can add the symbol in the input line when typing a formula.

What is the greater than or less than symbol?

greater than > less than < pointy end towards the smaller value

WHAT SYMBOL is which greater than or less than?

> is greater than; with a line under it it is greater than or equal to < is less than; with a line under it it is less than or equal to

What is the math symbol for greater than?

> means greater than < means less than