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Q: How do you show different ways to answer a multiplication problem?
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What are the different ways to write a multiplication problem?

using a dot using parenthesis ex: (2)(3)

What does a dot in an equation mean?

A dot stands for multiplication. Ways to show multiplication: 10a 10 x a 10(a) 10 *dot* a

What are some ways to show 45?

addition subtraction multiplication division

In what ways are addition and multiplication alike?

Multiplication by an integer is the same as repeated addition.

What is a good way to remember the multiplication table for a child?

There are many different ways for children to remember the multiplication table for a child. One of the most common is words that rhyme with the contents.

What are 2 ways in which scientists can show creativity?

Scientists show creativity by expirimenting in different ways.

What are different ways you can show commitment?


What are the different ways to factor in math?

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Sqroot, Sq, Cube, Cossin, Sin, Tangent,

How do you solve probability problem?

There are many different problems and different ways for solving them.

What is the need of arithmetic shifting?

The need of arithmetic shifting is useful in different ways. But is used mostly in multiplication or division and powering it by two.

How many different ways can you arrange the letters of the word addend?

6!6 * 5 * 4 * 3 *2= 640 ways========( I did the multiplication in hy head, so check it. )

What are different ways to say a division problem?