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0.666 repeating

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Q: How do you show two divided by three in decimal form?
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Which decimal number show three and thirty-four hundredths is standard form?


How do you show 0.32 as a decimal?

It is already in decimal form.

How do you change 1 divided 4 into a decimal show work?


What is 63 divided 9735 show all work?


What would 12 over 25 be as a decimal to show work?

It works out that 12 divided by 25 = 0.48 which is a decimal number

What is 2.600 in fraction?

2.600 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its equivalent, in rational form, is 2600/1000. You can simplify this rational fraction if required. However, the simplified form will not show that the number is accurate to three decimal places.

Show 1mA in decimal form?

1 mA is equal to 0.001 A.

How do you show a length as an improper fraction?

it is...........two divided by three

How do you show in decimal form two hundred sixty four thousandths?


Show -11 over 16 in decimal form?

-11/16 = -0.6875.

What is 540 divided by 100 show work?


How do you show your work on changing 11 over 16 into decimal form?

11/16 = 0.6875

How do you write two and three third show do you write it down mean to turn into a decimal?

Two and three thirds is three so you write it as 3. And 3 is also how you write it as a decimal: nothing more, nothing less. There is no need for a decimal point and there should certainly not be any trailing 0s.

How do you convert 33 and one third into a decimal?

33.3 (The three in the decimal place really goes on forever. Since it is not possible to show it, it is often denoted with a bar over the decimal that repeats. The bar cannot be used in this answer, unfortunately.)

What is 1over3 as a decimal form show how you got it?

1/3 is .3333 repeating forever. To get this you divide 1 by 3.

What rational number has 0.34 as it's decimal equivalent Show work.?

It is 34/100. 34 divided by 100 is 0.34 - there is really no more work that can be shown!

How do you show your work for 7 divided by 932?


What is three times a number divided by 2?

show me what's look like average 36 and 40

How do you show work on 8 divided 3.52?


How do you write 4 thousandths in decimal form?


Show you three million two thousand?

write three million two thousand in number form

What is 136 divided by 4 show how you do it?

136 divided by 4 show how you do it = 34

What is 6 divided by 438 show work?


Is 0.123456789101112123456789101112 a repeating decimal?

As written it is a terminating decimal. However, if the digits 123456789101112 keep on repeating after the amount written (normally it would be written with a dot over the first 1 and the last 2; as that is impossible here, to show repeating an ellipsis (three dots) could be used, as in: 0.123456789101112123456789101112... to show that it goes on) then it is a repeating decimal.

What is ninety three divided by ten and show your work?

93/10 = 9.3 . . .