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Multiply two fifths by two to get a common denominator. Then you will have 4 tenths plus three tenths. then add straight across and you will get seven tenths.

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Q: How do you show your work for two fifths plus three tenths?
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Show you how to get three fifths of one hundred?

100/5 =20 20x3=60 is a simple way.

How can you show three tenths worked out?

You write the number 3 over the number 10, and a horizontal line in between.

How many times as greater is the value of the digit in the hundredths place as in tenths place?

abc.def I use letters to show the meaning of placeholders in the Arabic decimal fraction system. "c" is the in units place. Five is just 5 on its own. "bc" is in the tens and the units places, 25 for example, twenty plus five. "abc" is in the hundreds place plus the tens place plus the units place. say 325. on the right hand side of the decimal place we start with ... "0.d" or the tenths position. so three tenths is 0.3 "" would be a number of tenths plus a number of hundredths, say 0.38 JCF

If 3.8 was rewritten to add tenths and hundredths?

If 3.8 was rewritten to show tenths and hundredths?

How do you show nine tenths of one percent as a decimal?

Nine tenths of one percent = 0.009

Show nine tenths in expanded form?


Round 7.987 to the nearest tenths?

It is 8.0 : the trailing 0 is necessary to show that it has been rounded to the nearest tenths.

How could you use a meter stick to show tenths and hundreds?

get a ruler

What are three ways to show that two thirds is larger than two fifths?

Convert to a common denominator; convert to decimal; compare denominators (larger denominator = smaller fraction, if the numerator is the same).

What does the 0 after the decimal point in 0.06 show?

That is it 6 hundredths, not six tenths.

Can you show 0.02 using only tenths place value blocks?

No. In that case it is 0.0

How do you show 18.64 rounded to the neatest tenths?

18.64 rounded to the nearest tenth is 18.6

What is 2.24 to 1 decimal place?

You only show one decimal place, the tenths place. 0.tenths, hundredths, thousandths is how the order goes. The first decimals place is the tenths place. What number is in that place? The 2, so your answer is 2.2.

What is the duration of Three for the Show?

The duration of Three for the Show is 1.55 hours.

How do you show two fifths of a rectangle?

divide the rectangle into 5 equal parts. Shade two of those parts.

Estimate the sum of 327 plus 419 plus 173 plus show your work?


How do you write a fraction in tenths as a decimal?

You put the digit right after the decimal. For example, if you want to say 91 and 7tenths, you would show it like this:91.7 The tenths would go right after the decimal.

What is 23.971 rounding the tenths?

To round the tenths you look at the hundredth column, which in this case is a 7. Since 7 is greater than 5 we round up, but since 9 can't round up anymore we have to round the ones column. Thus rounding 23.971 by the tenths = 24.0 (The zero is necessary to show that you've rounded the number by the tenths and not the ones.)

What kind of fraction bar did Carl use if he used four of one type to show two fifths?

The answer is 1/10

How could you show the inverse operation?

By switching the fraction the opposite form.For example,5 thirds you switch them to 3 fifths.

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Which property is shown by 6r plus 11s plus 3t equals 6r plus 3t plus 11s?

Commutatitivity of addition in the fact that you can change the order of 11s and 3t. But also associativity of addition in that you can write the sum of three terms without the need for brackets to show which addition needs to be performed first.

Explain hiw you could use a hundredths grid to show how 7 hundredths is different from 7 tenths?

on a hundredths grid 7 hundredths is 7; but seven tenths is 0.7 which is 70 hundredths. So 7 tenths would be 70 on the hundredts grid, separating it from 7 hundredths

How do you show nine tenths of one percent as a percent?

0.9%= 9/10 * 1%= 0.9 * 1%= 0.9%