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Q: How do you shrink an image using scale factor?
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How can you determine the scale factor of a dilation by looking at a segment and its image?

Every part of the original scales by the same scale factor. By using a segment of the original you will determine the scale factor by dividing the length of the image by the length of the original.

What is the scale factor from an original figure to its image if the image is made using the given method?

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An umbrella designer would like to dilate the image of umbrella UMBRELT from point P using a scale factor of k = 1.5.Which point would be the image of U?


When you make a figure bigger or smaller using scale factor it is called?

Scale Factor

How can you find the scale factor from a smaller figure to the larger figure using the scale factor?

The two scale factors are reciprocals of one another.

How do you find the scale factor of the golden gate bridge?

Bridge Structure are usually (always) set out using scale factor one.

How do you shrink pictures for a profile pic?

Start Menu-> Accessories-> Paint open the image with paint and change the size of the picture by using resize/skew in the image button.

What is the Area of Texas using scale factor of?

The area of Texas is 268,581 square miles.

Surface area of a hypercube?

As you would find the surface area of a normal shape using scale factors: to find the volume scale factor cubed, therefore to find the surface area of the hypercube, you do the scale factor to the power of four.

How do you shrink a jpg?

It is simple to shrink or resize a photo for a web page. I'm using here Photoshop first to shrink a photo.This is my process in Ps.1.To change image size, enter values for Width and Height. ...2. To change the Resolution, enter a new value.3. To change the image size or resolution while allowing the total number of pixels to adjust proportionately, make sure that you select Resample.Besides this method, sometimes I used to take some online tools to achieve my goal.Such as ResizeYourImage ,TinyPNG, PicResize, ResizeImage and so many.

What are the coordinates of the vertices of triangle a'b'c' after triangle ABC is dilated using a scaling factor of 3?

Find the coordinates of the vertices of triangle a'b'c' after triangle ABC is dilated using the given scale factor then graph triangle ABC and its dilation A (1,1) B(1,3) C(3,1) scale factor 3

What is a sentence using shrink?

Please cover these packages with shrink wrap.