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Q: What is the scale factor from an original figure to its image if the image is made using the given method?
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Suppose you copy a figure on a copier using the given size factor find the scale factor from the original figure to the copy in decimal form 150 percent?


What does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the given measurement perimeters?

Perimeter will scale by the same factor. Area of the new figure, however is the original figures area multiplied by the scale factor squared. .

How can i found a method of prime factorization?

A factor rainbow, like factor trees, ladders, fireworks, lattices and cakes is a way to notate the process of finding the prime factorization of a given number. The process remains the same. If you would like to found a new method, just figure out a different way to write the numbers on the page.

A transformation that proportionally reduces or enlarges a figure?

Scaling will proportionally reduce or enlarge a figure. The amount of scaling is given by the scale factor (greater than zero) If the scale factor is less than 1, the figure is reduced and it is sometimes called a contraction If the scale factor is greater than 1, the figure is enlarged, and it is called a dilation or enlargement. If a centre of enlargement is used, the distance of every point from the centre is multiplied by the scale factor. The scale factor can be negative in which case the distance to the new point is measured on the opposite side of the centre to the original point.

Why is a factor a factor of itself?

Because any number times one equals the original number. Therefore, one and the number itself will always be a factor pair of any given number.

What is project method of teaching?

In a project method of teaching, a practical problem is given and the learners try to figure out various work arounds. In a lecture method, a lecturer uses notes and a talk to guide the learners.

How can you find the scale factor from a larger figure to the smaller figure using the scale factor from the smaller to larger figure?

Take the 'reciprocal' of the given scale factor to go the other way. The 'reciprocal' of a number is 1/(the number). 3 ==> 1/3 5 ==> 1/5 1/7 ==> 7 2/3 ==> 3/2 etc.

Is 12 a multiple of 4?

4 is a factor of 12 but not a multiple.A factor is one which completely divides a given number without leaving a remainder and gives a quotient, which on multiplying with the factor gives the original number.

What is given to an 8 sided figure?

Nothing need be given to an 8 sided figure!

How does proportional change in the dimensions affect the perimeter of a figure?

If you are asking how the perimeter of an object changes if the whole object is proportionally changed: The perimeter changes by the same factor as the change in proportion of the whole object. For example: given a square that is 2 units by 2 units, changed by a factor of four, the new size would be 8 units by 8 units. The original perimeter was 2+2+2+2=8. The new perimeter is 8+8+8+8=32. So, multiplying the original perimeter, 8, by the factor of proportional change, 4, we get 8x4=32. For any object, multiply the original perimeter by the factor of proportional change to arrive at the new perimeter.

A number that divides a given number leaving a zero remainder?

... is a "factor" of the given number.

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