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Combine like terms, meaning add 12X plus 4X which is 16X and then you add 25Y plus 15Y which equals 40Y so the answer will be 16x+40y.

combine like terms means add the ones with the same variable.

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Q: How do you simplify 12x plus 4x plus 25y plus 15y?
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How do you simplify 4y2 plus 25y plus 6?

4y2 + 25y + 6

What is the answer to 4x-5y-3 times 3x plus 5y?

Well, the way you wrote it, you would have:(4x - 5y - 3) x 3x + 5ywhich would give12x^2 - 15xy - 9x + 5yBut, if you meant the quantity (3x + 5y), then you would have:(4x - 5y - 3) x (3x + 5y)which would give12x^2 - 15xy - 9x + 20xy - 25y^2 - 15yand combining terms12x^2 - 25y^2 + 5xy - 9x - 15y

25y to the power of 8 divided by 15y to the power of 5?

25y**8/15y**5 25y**3/15 5y**3/3 (5/3)y**3

What is the slope of the line -5x plus 25y equals 0?

- 5X + 25Y = 0 25Y = 5X Y = (1/5)X ============

How do you factor out 25y-34 plus 9?

That becomes 25y - 25, which factors to 25(y - 1)

How do you factor 4y2 plus 25y plus 6?

4y2+25y+6 = (4y+1)(y+6) when factored with the help of the quadratic equation formula

What is 15x plus 25y equals 315 in slope-intercept form?

15x+25y = 315 25y = -15x+315 y = -0.6x+12.6 which is now in slope-intercept form

What is the factor of 4y2 plus 25y plus 6?

(4y + 1)(y + 6)

How do you factor x2 plus 29xy plus 100y2?

x2 + 29xy + 100y2 = x2 + 4xy + 25xy + 100y2 = x(x + 4y) + 25y(x + 4y) = (x + 25y)(x + 4y)

What is the answer to 4y2-25y plus 25?

(y - 5)(4y - 5)

Add 3 over 5x plus 2 over 25y show your work?

5 over 5x+25yThis is because you combine the two fractions together. 3+2=5 which is the numerator and 5x+25y cannot be simplified which is the denominator.

What is the derivative of 10x 25y?

The derivative of 10x with respect to x is 10 and 25y with respect to y is 25. If it is 10x25y, then use the chain rule. 10x 25y = 10*25y + 10x*25y' = 250y + 250xy'

What is the LCM 5y and 25y?

The LCM of these numbers is 25y. LCM is Least Common Multiple.

How do you factor 512x3 plus 125y3?

(8x + 5y)(64x^2 - 40xy + 25y^2)

What is the LCM of 8x and 25y?

The LCM of 8x and 25y is 200xy

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Multiply 6x-5y plus 3 4x-5y?

Unfortunately, the browser used by for posting questions is incapable of accepting mathematical symbols. This means that we cannot see the mathematically critical parts of the question. There is no symbol between 3 and 4x.We are, therefore unable to determine what exactly the question is about and so cannot give a proper answer to your question. Please edit your question to include words for symbols representing operators.

What is the LCM of 25y and 67x?

Their product.

What year and model Yamaha has a serial number of 25Y-000165?

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What is the least common multiple of 25x2 and 25y?


What is the least common multiple of 8x and 25y?


3x plus 4y equals 90 4x-3y equals -5?

This is a simultaneous equation question. 4(3x+4y = 90) 3(4x-3y = -5) Multiply the top equation by 4 and the bottom equation by 3 then subtract the bottom equation from the top equation remembering that in maths a minus from a minus is equal to a plus. 12x+16y = 360 12x-9y = -15 And when subtracted: 0+25y = 375 Divide both sides of the equation by 25 to find the value of y: y = 15 Substitute 15 for y into the original equation to find the value of x: Solution: x = 10 and y = 15

What the prime factors of the trinomial 16x -40xy plus 25y?

I think that wants to be 16x2 - 40xy + 25y2 That factors to (4x - 5y)(4x - 5y) or (4x - 5y)2

How do you do 7a plus 10 equals 2a?

7a+10=2a 7a+10-2a=0 5a+10=0 5a=-10 a=-2

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