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3a - 2b

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Q: How do you simplify 7a plus 3b minus 4a minus 5b in trig?
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Simplify 2a plus 3b plus 5a plus 6 plus 3b?


Simplify 4a plus 7b plus 6a-3b-2a?


Simplify 5a-3b plus 9c?


How do you simplify 3b plus b plus 6?

It is: 4b+6

What is 7a plus 3b minus 5a minus 2b minus b?


How do you simplify 3A plus 9B?

3A + 9B = 3(A + 3B)

Simplify each expression 0.2(3b-15c) plus 6c?

0.6b + 3c

What is the simplify of -2b plus 6 plus 3b-2?

It is: b+4 when simplified

What is 3b squared minus 3b?

3b2 - 3b = 3b(b - 1)

What is 5b plus 11 minus 2b?

5b + 11 - 2b = 3b + 11

Simplify the expression 2a -3 plus 4b - 2a -b -3 plus 5?

3b -1

What is the answer of b b b in simplify?

b times b times b = b3 b plus b plus b = 3b

6b squared minus 3b divided by 3b?

2b - 1

How do you simplify 3a plus 2b - a plus 4b?

Change the order to make it more obvious: 3a - a + 2b + 4b 2a + 6b or 2 (a + 3b).

How do you simplify 4a times 3b?

The answer to 4a times 3b equals 1.3. You have to find the value of A and B.

How do you factor 49x2 plus 42xb plus 9b2?

(3b + 7x)(3b + 7x) or (3b + 7x)2

Factor 3ab plus a plus 3b squared plus b?


5 plus 7 ac plus 3b plus 3ac?

5 + 10ac + 3b

2a plus 3b plus 4c?

2a+3b+4c cannot be added. They are not like terms. Like terms need to have the same variable in order to be added.

If the dimensions of a rectangle are a plus 3 b a plus 3b and a and minus 3 b a and minus3b what is the area of the rectangle in terms of a a and b b?

It is a2 - 9b2.

What is 3b plus 4-4?


What is the answer to 2a squared plus 7ab plus 3b squared?

(2a + b)(a + 3b)

3a plus 3b-2a plus 5b?

3a + (3b - 2a) + 5b =3a + 3b - 2a + 5b =(3a - 2a) + (3b + 5b) =a + 8b

What is 8a plus b plus 32a plus 3b?


What is 1a plus 2a plus 3b plus 4b and what is the answer?

1a+3b 2a+4b=3a +7b