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You can simplify an improper fraction, unless the numbers are prime. Simplify it like how you would regularly, but don't forget that you can always turn it into a mixed number.

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Q: How do you simplify a improper fraction?
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Related questions

How do you simplify the improper fraction 130?

130 is an integer, not a fraction.

How do you know if you need to reduce a mixed fraction?

If it is an Improper Fraction then you have to simplify which is the same thing is reducing.

What is 6.15 as an improper fraction?

It is 615/100. You can simplify this rational fraction if you require.

How do you divide a fraction and amixed number?

Convert the mixed number into an improper fraction then divide the fraction and improper fraction as normal (invert the divisor and multiply) and simplify the result (including converting any improper fraction into a mixed number)

What is an improper fraction for 3.35?

It is 335/100 which you can simplify, if you so wish.

How do you simplify an improper fraction?

Same as a proper fraction. You check whether you can divide numerator and denominator by the same number.

How would you simplify 8 1 3?

Make it into an Improper fraction. Which is 25/3

How do you add a mixed number and an improper fraction?

I wouldconvert both to improper fraction,find a common multiple (CM),calculate equivalent fraction with CM as the denominator,add the numerators,change the improper fraction to a mixed fraction, if required,simplify the fractional part of the mixed fraction - if appropriate and required.

How do you put an improper mixed number in simplest form?

You change it into an improper fraction, then simplify it, then if you want to, change it back to a mixed number.

What is 17.6 as a improper fraction?

176/10 and when you simplify it becomes 88/5

How do you simplify 8 over 3?

8/3 as an improper fraction is already in its simplest form

How do you divide mixed fractions by mixed fractions?

make each fraction a improper fraction the flip the second fraction and multiply straight across then simplify

How do you convert 7.03 to an improper fraction?

Well u firs have to convert and then simplify

How can the properties of real numbers be used to simplify expressions?

which mixed number or improper fraction is closest to the decimal 5.27?

How do you simplify improper fractions?

To simplify improper fractions you just have to simplify as you would with a regular fraction. Which is very easy, and if you dont know I will tell you how. How to Simplify Fractions: Divide the numerator and the denominator by a common factor. Example: 2/4=1/2 (2 is the common factor in both 4 and 2)

How do you make 1.6 a fraction?

Convert into a mixed number: 1 and 6/10. Convert to an improper fraction: 16/10. Simplify: 8/5.

Can you Simplify 126 over 4?

Yes 126/4 is an improper fraction and simplifies to the whole number 31 and the proper fraction 1/2

What is 7.2 and 1.13 as a mix number?

Let's start with improper number. 7.2 in improper fraction is 72/10. If you change that to a mixed number, it becomes 7 2/10 which you can simplify to 7 1/5. 1.13 in improper fraction is 113/100. That in a mixed number is 1 13/100 which you cannot simplify, so you leave it.

How do you simplify an improper number as a mixed number?

To convert an improper fraction to a mixed number, divide the denominator into the numerator. The answer is the whole number. Put any remainder over the original denominator to create the fraction part.

How do you change fraction to a mixed number?

You do the numerator divided by the denominator, then simplify the fractions if you can. (this is how you change a improper fraction to a mixed number, you cannot change a proper fraction to a mixed number)

How do you write 7.56 as an improper fraction?

7.56 is, itself, a improper fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its equivalent, in rational form, is 7 56/100. You can simplify that ratio if you so wish.

What is 4.5 as an improper fraction?

What is 4.5 as an improper fraction

What is the improper fraction of 3.036?

It is 3 36/1000. You can simplify the fractional part if required.

What is 5.8 as an improper fraction?

5.8 as an improper fraction is 58/10.

What is 0.954 as a Fraction?

The fraction is 954/100. This Fraction is a Improper Fraction. So you must turn it into a mixed number. The mixed Number is 9 and 54/100. If you Simplify the answer should be 9 and 27/50.