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8/4 =2

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Q: How do you simplify eighteen over four?
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How do you simplify zero over eighteen?

The answer is zero.

How do you simplify 72 100?

18/25 or 18 over 25 or eighteen twenty-fifths

What are the four amendments to the constitution about who can vote?

Citizens eighteen and over can vote.

Who are the four amendments to the constitution about who can vote?

Citizens eighteen and over can vote.

How can you simplify 3 and six over four?

4 and 1/2

What over 4 equals 18 over 72?

one over four equals eighteen over seventy-two

Is Three Over Four In Simplest Form?

you cant simplify 3/4

How you write 18.04?

Eighteen and four hundredths.

What is lowest terms of four over eighty-one?

4/81 is the lowest you can simplify it.

What three equivalent fractions are equal to one over six?

Two over twelve, three over eighteen, and four over twenty-four are all equivalent to one over six.

Can you simplify 0 over 17?

can 0 over 17 be simplify

How do you simplify 18 over 24?

can you simplify 18 over 44

How do you simplify -18 over 21?

simplify 21 over 18

What is the population of the us over eighteen?

What is the population of the United States over eighteen? === ===

What is nineteen over eighteen as a mixed number?

one and one over eighteen.

What is the decimal for 8 over 4?

Eight over four is an improper fraction, so when you simplify, you get two. So the decimal is 2.0

What is 4.18?

four and eighteen hundredths

What is four to the power of eighteen?


What does 3 over 3 simplify to?

It simplify to 1

How do you simplify 361500?

how do you simplify 361 over 500

Can you simplify the fraction four fifteenths?


How do you write four and eighteen hundredths in decimal form?

Four and eighteen hundredths in decimal form is 4.18

What is four percent of eighteen thousand four hundred?


How do you simplify 5 over 6 plus seven over eighteen divided by three over two?

7/18 x 2/3 = 14/54 + 45/54 = 59/54 = 1 and 5/54

How do you simplify 19 over 95?

can you simplify 19/95