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40:72 = 5:9

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Q: How do you simplify the ratio 4072?
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Simplify the ratio 18b'2 to 45b?

simplify the ratio 18b^2 to 45b

When finding a ratio do you need to simplify?


What is 4072 divided by 37?


How can you simplify the ratio 1654?

1654, as a simplified ratio, is 1654/1.

What is the answer to simplify the ratio on 13.6 to 18.4?

17:23 is the tidiest ratio.

How do you find the ratio of 113 and 93?

It is 113/93. You can simplify the ratio of required.

How do i simplify the ratio of 826to 14?

59 : 1

How do you simplify the ratio of 3.333333 and 4.375?


Simplify the ratio 30 to 12?


Simplify the ratio 64 to 78?

It is: 32 to 39

Simplify the ratio 15 to 33?

5 : 11

Simplify the ratio 10 and 22?


Simplify the ratio 17.6 to 7.2?


What is the answer of simplify the ratio of 210 to 1260?

1 : 6

How will you simplify ratio?

๐Ÿ˜ hehehehe

How do you simplify the ratio 6 to 3?

2 to 1

Simplify the ratio 48g 32g?

It is: 3g to 2g

Simplify ratio 7.2 to 10?

18 to 25

Simplify the ratio 5.6 to 10.4?

the ratio of 1.4 to 2.6 ------is the same as 5.6 to 10.4

What is 21 7 as a ratio simplify?

21/7 = 3 Or, a 3 to 1 ratio.

Do you have to simplify a ratio?

This depends on the context. However, it is good practice to reduce a ratio or a fraction to its lowest possible term. The only time you wouldn't simplify a ratio or fraction is if it signified something in its original state.

How can you Simplify this ratio 1.26?

1.26 is the ratio of 126 to 100 .126/100 = 63/50

How to Simplify the ratio 7.2 to 16.8?

Divide both components by 2.4 Then the ratio is ( 3/7 ).

What is the ratio of 3 weeks and 12 days?

Simplify the Ratio 3 weeks : 12 days

What means to divide the numerator and the denominator of the ratio by the same factor?

It is one way to simplify the ratio.