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Using the formula: Amps = Watts/Volts look up the wire size needed in the national electric code book for the amperage of the device. This formula only works for single phase current. If you are using 3 phase, look in the book. In general, 15 Amps or less: 14 Ga Copper wire. 20 Amps or less 12 Ga. 30 Amps or less 10 Ga. Anything more than 30 amps, look it up in the book.

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Q: How do you size wire for a 20kw aug heater for a heat pump?
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How much does an electric pool heater run?

Pool electric heat pump prices differ according to the size of the heat pump and the services offered. Pool heat pump prices range between $2500 at the low end, and $4800 on the high end.

What size wire for 20kw strip heat?

120 15 amp service ? 210 7 amp service ?

What size of wire you need to feed commercial kitchen equipment three 3kwovens a 20kw water heater and 3kw deep fryer?

You should contact a certified, and licensed electrician.

What size heat pump for a 18x33x4.5 deep above ground pool?

The size of a heat pump that you can use for a pool which is 18 feet wide by 33 feet long and has a depth of 4.5 feet can vary depending on specific brand of heat pump you wish to purchase. The minimum size of heat pump for an above ground pool of this size in 102,000 BTU.

What is the size of a goodman heat pump cplj48-1?

it is a 12 seer 4 ton heat pump

If you set pool heat pump at temperature above the temperature you want will the pool heat up quicker For example setting it at 100 when you want pool at 80 quick?

It works this way. Even if you could set the thermostat at 200 it will not heat the water any quicker. It sounds as if you have an undersized heater. A larger heater will heat the water faster if your system can upgrade to the larger size heater. Your house will not heat up any faster if you set the thermostat to maximum. It is the output capacity of the heater that determines how fast it will heat. What dictates heater size is: the size of the gas line. the length of the gas line run from the meter to the heater. the size of the meter. how many GPM the pump is producing. the GPM capacity of the filter. the size of the plumbing in you pool ~ 1.5"; 2"; 3" total gallons in the pool. are among a few. Just common sense here...... k

What size heated do you need for a 10000 gallon swimming pool?

You can put a 175,000 to 400,000 BTU heater in depending if you are wanting to heat quickly or to sustain the temperature. Any size will maintain a temperature. Or you can go with a heat pump if you are planning to operate all the time.

How many sq ft will a 35000 BTU heater heat?

A 35,000 BTU heater will heat a 10,000 square foot home.It is important to buy the correct size of heater for the home.

How long does it take for a heat pump to warm an inground swimming pool in New York State in 55-75 degree weather?

Well, it depends on the size of heat pump and the size of pool! However, a 30x12 ft, 2-3.5ft deep pool with an 18kw heater will take 4 to 5 days.

What size pump do you need for 15 x 30 pool?

What size heat pump i need for inground pool size 14 x31

What are the basics that I need to know before purchasing a new heat pump?

There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing a new heat pump. Should you buy a heat pump or should you choose a better choice, for example a furnace? What size heat pump will you need to buy? How efficient do you want your heat pump to be?

What size is the goodman heat pump model cplj30-1b?

2 1/2 ton heat pump, I believe 12 seer.

How do you size for a heat pump?

By the cooling load of the home only.

How do you get size of heat pump?

Check your owners manual for details.

How large of a room will The Dayton G73 Heater heat?

It will heat a average size bedroom, or small living room.

What is the size of a natural gas orifice?

There is no set size. The size depends on how many Btu of heat is needed for the burner in the appliance , heater or machine you are running .

What size BTU pool heater to heat a 10000 gallon above ground pool?

130000 btu

If a heater will heat 400 sq ft what size room will that heat?

Gee, Maybe a 5X80, 10X40, 20X20 or about any combination thereof. lc

What size room will a 12000 btu heat pump heat and cool?

usually around 400sq. ft room give or take

For a 1100 sq ft house what size heat pump do you need?

There are various factors which go into determining what size heat pump you need for a space. As a rule however, am 1100 sq ft house typically requires around a 3 ton unit.

What size heat pump for 2800 sq ft?

In a Cold Climate and Hot Climate: Each ton of heat pump capacity can heat/cool approximately 500-600 square feet.In a Moderate Climate: Each ton of heat pump capacity can heat/cool 600-700 square feet.So either a 5.0 ton heat pump in a cold climateor a 4.5 ton heat pump in a moderate climate.

What size Btu pool heater will heat a 34500 gallon inground swimming pool?

At a minimum you would need a 400K btu gas heater. This pool is larger than a 20 x 40' pool or 800 sq. ft. Many things dictate the size or sizing of a pool heater such as the surface area of the pool, the size of the gas line from the meter to the heater, the distance of the run from the meter to the heater, the size or capacity of the gas meter, etc. Proper sizing is a must if your heater is to run at optimum standards.

What size heat pump do you need for 15 x 25 in ground pool?

Contact Heatpro.

What size is a lennox heat pump model HP19-411-1-P?

That is a 3 ton

What size is the goodman heat pump model cplj24-1b?

Looks like 2 ton

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