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You can't solve it. But you can simplify it to get: 4x+y=2

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Q: How do you solve 16x plus 4y equals 8?
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How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8?

How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8

Solve the system of equations 3x plus 4y equals 12 2x plus 4y equals 8?

x = 4 and y = 0

How do you solve y plus 4y-4y plus 16?

The 4y-4y cancels out and you should be left with 16. But it's not solve-able in that sense because there is no equals sign. Simplified, though, I believe it comes to 16.

4y plus 228 equals 352 solve this equation?

4y plus 228=352 what is the equation? y=31

How do you solve -2x plus 4y equals 8?

You cannot solve one equation in two unknowns.

How do you solve this equation 4y plus 228 equals 352?

For 4y+228 = 352 the value of y works out as 31.

How do you solve the equation 4y plus 228 equals 352?

y = 31

Solve 3x plus 4y equals 11 and x plus 3y equals 2?

x = 5, y = -1

You write 4x plus 4y equals 40?

How do you write 4x plus 4y equals 40 or how do you solve it? You would write it 4x+4y=40 you would solve it for y by subtracting 4x from both sides 4y=40-4x then divide all of that by 4y=40-4x/4 that's if you were graphing i have no idea what you're asking hope that helps if it's not too late.

Solve for y in the equation 4y plus 7 equals 19?

4y + 7 = 19 ∴ 4y = 12 ∴ y = 3

-w plus 2x plus 4y equals?

You need three independent equations to solve for three unknown variables.

How do you write 8x plus 4y equals 5?

8x plus 4y equals 5 is 8x + 4y = 5.

How do you solve 4y plus 2 equals 2y plus 6?

4y+2 = 2y+6 4y-2y = 6-2 2y = 4 y = 2

What is the answer to 8x plus 4 equals 4y?

It is not possible to solve a single linear equation in two unknown variables.

How do you solve the equation. X2 plus y2 plus z2 - 4x plus 4y plus 2z plus 5 equals 0 x2 plus y2 plus z2 equals 4?


How do you solve 5y plus x equals -3 plus 4y?

One linear equation in two variables (x and y) cannot be solved.

What is the equation for -4x plus 4y equals plus 1?

-4x + 4y = 1

6x - 4y equals -8 11x plus 4y equals 76?

(4, 8)

How do you solve 0.2x plus 4y equals -1 by using Elimination?

You cannot solve one linear equation in two variables. You need two equations that are independent.

6x plus 4y equals 32 -6x plus 4y equals 8?

6x = 32 - 4y and 4y - 8 = 6x so 32 - 4y = 4y - 8 ie 40 = 8y so y = 5 and x = 2

What is the ordered pairs for the equations 5x plus 4y equals 73 and -4x plus 4y equals -8?

(9,7) by Kayla hamilton

What is 16x-4y-8x 6y in like terms?

If you mean: 16x-4y-8x+6y then it is 8x+2y in like terms

2x plus 3y equals 17and3x plus 4y equals 24then5x plus 7y equals?

2x + 3y = 17 3x + 4y = 24 (2x + 3x) + (3y + 4y) = (17 + 24) 5x + 7y = 41

-x plus 4y equals 8?

-x + 4y = 8

Do the equations X equals 4y plus 1 and X equals 4y-1 have the same solution?

x=4y+1 x=4y-1 No,they have different solutions.