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2x2 = 228 divide both sides by 2

x2 = 114

x = ±√114 by the square root property

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Q: How do you solve 2x to the second power equals 228 by square root?
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How do you solve t to the second power equals 78?

If T2 = 78, then T = 78(1/2) or the square root of 78, or about 8.83.

How is E equals mc2 used today?

E is energy and MC2 is matter used to the second power... now you solve it

Can you solve the differential equation dy over dx equals y squared over e to the 2x power?

-2y square exp power -2x-1

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H= v over pie r to the second

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How do you solve for x when it equals the square root of y to the fourth minus y?

If x equals the square root of ...., then you already have solved for x

How do you solve 5 to the power x equals 0?

5 ^x = 0 5 = root square 0 5=0

Which is the best way to solve the equation the square root of x equals m?

It depends on which variable you wish to solve for.

Solve the square root of 2x-5 equals 13?


Can you solve x to the fourth power subtract three x to the third power subtract x to the second power subtract twenty seven x subtract ninety equals zero?

it is 1000 taking away 200 4 times

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Solve 5 to the power of x equals -25?


How do you solve 8-3x equals the square root of 4xsquared plus the square root of 20 plus 8?


How to solve the special products?

first square the first term then multiply the first and second term and multiply by 2 finally square the second term

Solve square root 4 to the 2 power?


How can you solve for resistance when given power?

Depends on the voltage. R equals V2/P . Or the current: R equals P/I2 .

How do you solve 3 to the power of what equals 81?

34 = 81 so x is 4

How do you solve four x squared equals sixteen?

Square root both sides and then x = 4

How do you solve the square root of 72 divided by the square root of 2?


How do you solve negative nine to the second power plus seven?


How to solve a problem that has numbers in parenthesis then to the 2nd power?

You square the number in the parentheses.

Solve using substitution x plus y equals 3 and y equals 9?

Since the second equation is already solved for "y", you can replace "y" by "9" in the other equation. Then solve the new equation for "x".

How to solve this 8.333333 equals ab b to power of negative 1 1.8 equals ab b to power of 2?

8 1/3 = ab^-1, 1.8 =ab^2

Which is the best way to solve the equation x2 equals n?

Take the square root of both sides of the equation