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4x-y2=2xy 2x ? y5 if its plus its 7 xy

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Q: How do you solve 4x-y2 and 3x y5?
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What line Is perpendicular to 3x-y5 and whose y-intercept is -7?

If you mean: 3x-y=5 then y=3x-5 and the perpendicular equation is y=-1/3x-7

How do you solve for -3x-3y equals -15?

solve -3x-3y=-15

How do you factor x3 y5-8 y5?

y5(x3 - 8)

How do you solve this equation 3x plus 2y equals 12 solve for y?

3x + 2y = 12 ie 2y = 12 - 3x so y = 6 - 3x/2

What is 6-y5?

6-y5 = 1

How do you solve 5x plus 3x?

You can't solve 5x+3x there isn't a equal sign. But you can simplify it to be 8x

How do you solve -3x-52x?

you cant solve but you can simplify -55x

How do you solve 3x12?


How do you factor x5 plus y5?


How do you foil -y32x2y-4xy2?

You can't exactly FOIL it because you don't have a problem in the form of (3x + 2)(4x - 6) Frankly, I don't understand exactly what question you are trying to solve, so I'll give you a couple of examples that might help. (-y32) times (2y - 4xy2) turns into: ((-1)(y32) times 2y) plus ((-1)(y32) times ((-1)(4xy2)) which becomes -2y33 plus 4xy34 which would be more often expressed as 4xy34 - 2y33 Perhaps you meant something more like this: (-y times 32) times (2y - 4xy2) turns into: (-32y) times (2y - 4xy2) which becomes (-y times 2y) + (-y times -4xy2) + (32 times 2y) + (32 times -4xy2) which becomes -2y2 + 4xy3 + 64y - 128xy2 which is 4xy3 -128 xy2 - 2y2 + 64y I'm sure if I'm gotten it wrong, someone will straighten it out. Also, if this doesn't help, please fix up the original question so it can be answered properly.

Solve 2y -3x -6?

wat does 2y-3x-6 equal

How do we solve y-3x 5?

If you mean: y-3x = 5 then in slope intercept form y = 3x+5

Solve linear equation 2y equals 3x-4?


How do you solve 3x-11 for x equals 9?

3x-11 for x=9

What is the GCF of 12x3y2 and 44 xy3?


3x minus y equals 9 solve for y?

3x-y=9 y=3x-9

How do you solve 3x-5x plus 8?

It is: 8-2x

How do you solve 3x-4-2?


How do you solve this 3x-2x 35?

By subtracting 2x from 3x and getting x, which is equal to 35.

How do you solve 3x 4 x-6?

3x - 4 = -2 The answer is x=2/3

How do you solve for X 3X equals 24?

3x=24 x=8

How do you solve 3x squared minus 17 plus 10?


How do you identify the slope of the line that that would be parallel to the given line y5-3x?

Calculate the slope of the given line. Any line parallel to it will have the same slope.

What is the greatest common factor of y7 y5 y9?

The GCF is y5.

What is y5 Internet?

Y5 is the latest techonlogy,a form of wireless internet.

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