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y=2x+9 and y=x+6

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Q: How do you solve a problem using substitution?
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Related questions

How do you solve a problem using the substitution method?

You solve this by theoretically diverting the hypotenuse of the x divided by the overall beneficial procedure of y

How do you solve an or problem if a variable is unrestricted in sign?

Solve the problem using the + sign for the variable. Then solve the problem using the - sign for the variable. Report your answer as the answer that you got using + or the answer that you got using -.

Can quadratic systems be solved using elimination and substitution?

You can solve lineaar quadratic systems by either the elimination or the substitution methods. You can also solve them using the comparison method. Which method works best depends on which method the person solving them is comfortable with.

How do you use substitution to solve equations?

You plug in what the variable is equal to for that variable then you will be able to finish the problem

What 4x y14 and 2x y8 solve using substitution?

You cant solve it unless it is an equation. To be an equation it must have an equals sign.

Translate this word problem as a system of equations and then solve using substitution?

A system of equations is two or more equations that share at least one variable. Once you have determined your equations, solve for one of the variables and substitute in that solution to the other equation.

How do you solve a problem using probability?

The answer depends on that the problem is!

To solve the system given below using substitution it is best to start by solving the second equation for y?


When you construct and use a table to solve a problem?

When you construct and use a table to solve a problem, you are using a numerical approach.

Write a problom that can be solved by making a table and using a pattern Then solve the problem?

You can draw a flowchart of solving a particular problem and then write a program to solve that problem.

How do you solve systems of equations using substitution?

3(5x-2y)=18 5/2x-y=-1

How do you work out the point of intersection without a graph?

You use algebra and solve the system(s) of equations using techniques such as elimination or substitution.

What is Solve By Substitution y0.5x 2 -y-2x 4?

To solve the following equation by substitution, we need to have the equal sign. This will help us group the knowns and the unknowns.

When using the substitution method to solve a nonlinear system of equations you should first see if you can one variable in one of the equations in the system?


What need or problem did the iron plow solve?

Using your hands

How do use substitution when solving system of equations?

You use substitution when you can solve for one variable in terms of the others. By substituting, you remove one variable from the equation, which can then be solved. Once you solve for one variable, you can use substitution to find the other.

To solve a three variable system of equations you can use a combination of the elimination and substitution methods?

True. To solve a three variable system of equations you can use a combination of the elimination and substitution methods.

How would use solve the system of equation x plus 3y equals 23 by using substitution?

You'd need another equation to sub in

How do you divide using place value to solve the problem?

you divide by using tens, hundreds, and thousands

What are insertion substitution and deletion?

due i have problem

What is the disadvantage of using the substitution method in solving linear equations rather than the graph method?

There are no disadvantages. There are three main ways to solve linear equations which are: substitution, graphing, and elimination. The method that is most appropriate can be found by looking at the equation.

What are three ways to solve a system?

elimination, substitution and graphing

What is x y 3 and 3x - 4y - 19 solve using substitution?

2x-y=3 2/3x-y=-1

What is an advantage of using the method of substitution rather than using a graph or table to solve a system of linear equations?

You will obtain a more accurate answer than is possible using graphical methods. It's faster and less work than using a table.

Sentence using cognizant?

He was known as cognizant Zack because whenever there is a problem, he is the one who helps solve the problem.