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x divided by 3/4 is mathematically identical to x times 4/3.

If x times 4/3 = 6 then x = 4.5

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Q: How do you solve blank divided by three fourths equals equals six?
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i think you should add them

What is 9 divided by three fourths?

In order to quickly solve 9 divided by three fourths type 9 / (3/4) into your calculator. The answer will be 12. However, If you wish to solve the problem without the use of a calculator. Remember that when you divide a number by a fraction, in order to solve for the answer, all you must do is invert the fraction that is doing the dividing (this is called the reciprocal). Then you just multiply the two numbers together. So, 9 / (3/4) turns into 9 x (4/3) which equals 36/3 which then gives you your answer of 12.

How do you solve 65 divided by y equals 13?


How do you solve 5 divided by 82?

The solution to 5 divided by 82 equals 0.060975609

How do you solve for time?

Time equals Distance divided by Time.

How do you solve 32 divided by 4 plus 4 multiplied by 8?

32 divided by 4 equals 8 plus 4 equals 12 multipled by 8 equals 96 answer

What property of equality used to solve multiplication equations?

Equals divided by non-zero equals are equal.

Who can solve for x when 3.99-x divided by 3.99 equals 32?

I can.

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Sure thing! 42 divided by 7 equals X!

Who can solve for x when 3.99-x divided by 3.99 equals 32 percent?

I can.

How do you solve this equation n divided 80 equals fifty?

5x = 80

Solve x-14 divided by -3 equals 8?

x = -10

How do you solve c divided by 3 equals 8?


Y-b divided m equals x solve for y?

y = mx + b

How do you solve y plus 1 divided by 3 equals 2?


Solve the equation 42 divided by X equals 7?


What is q divided by -6 plus 11 equals -2 solve for q?

q = 78

What is 5 divided by x plus 2 equals x divided by 3?

i dont know you solve it thanks shut up

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The final answer is 40.

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Can anyone solve this fill in the blank I T?

Can anyone solve this fill in the blank I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _ ? Just aquestion but what category is this fill in the blank in?

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x/r=v x=vr

What property of equality would you use to solve y divided by 7 equals 28?

Multiply both sides by 7.