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you isolate the variable to the left side of the equation and keep all other terms and factors to the right side, as in solving for x in 2- x = 2. You have to use basic algebraic manipulation to isolate the chosen variable, i.e., adding multiplying or dividing by an equal amount to each side of the statement in order to isolate x.

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Q: How do you solve for the value of a variable?
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Can you solve for the value of a variable in an expression?


How do you find the value of a variable of a proportional ratio?

Cross multiply then solve for the variable.

How doI solve system of equations by substitution?

Assuming the simplest case of two equations in two variable: solve one of the equations for one of the variables. Substitute the value found for the variable in all places in which the variable appears in the second equation. Solve the resulting equation. This will give you the value of one of the variables. Finally, replace this value in one of the original equations, and solve, to find the other variable.

What is to find the value of a numerical or algebraic expression?

to solve for the variable

Why is it important to be able to solve for the variable in a formula?

Solving for one variable makes it easy to put in a value for the other variables, and find a value for the first variable.

How do you know whether a relation is a function?

Use the definition of a function. If, for any value of one variable, there is only a single possible value of the second variable, then the second variable is a function of the first variable. The second variable is often called the "dependent variable". If you can solve an equation explicitly for the dependent variable, then it is a function. If you can NOT solve it for a variable, it may or may not be a function - it turns out that some equations are hard or impossible to solve explicitly for one of the variables.

To solve a system of equations you cannot replace a variable with an equal value or expression?

You can replace a variable with an equal value or expression. Just make sure the same variable always gets the same value or expression.

The process of finding the value of the variable that makes it a true equation is called?


What does it mean to solve a polynomial?

Find values of the variable for which the value of the polynomial is zero.

How do you solve simultanious equations?

By eliminating or substituting one of the variables in the two equations in order to find the value of the other variable. When this variable is found then substitute its value into the original equations in order to find the value of the other variable.

How do you solve for variable fx in statistics?

It depends on whether fx denotes frequency times variable value or the probability generating function for the variable x.

How do you convert 5000 micrometers to meters?

(value in micrometers) = (value in meters) x 1,000,000. Then solve for the missing variable.