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You can replace a variable with an equal value or expression. Just make sure the same variable always gets the same value or expression.

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Q: To solve a system of equations you cannot replace a variable with an equal value or expression?
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What is the constant variable in Avogadro's law?

The question is about an oxymoronic expression. A constant cannot be a variable and a variable cannot be a constant!

What is the solution of the system of equations 2x-8?


Can you solve for a variable in an expression?

No, you can only simplify an expression. To solve for a variable, it must be in an equation.

What is -8t - 11x?

It is a linear expression in two variables. As an expression it cannot be solved. Furthermore, to solve equations in two variables you need at least two linear equations.

Is an independent variable defined to be a variable that is to be predicted or estimated?

neither, an independent variable is a variable not being changed in the process of a science experiment. A variable in math cannot be described, only purpose of a variable is to take place of a number that you are trying to figure out in some equations. Others are equations with no solution.

A variable expression cannot consist of numbers or operations?

False X4

Solve for a variable in an expression x plus 5?

An expression cannot be solved; an equation or an inequality may be.

What is x in this equation -4x20?

There is, unfortunately, n equation in the question: only an expression. An expression cannot be solved for a variable.

How do you work a simultaneous equation?

You cannot work a simultaneous equation. You require a system of equations. How you solve them depends on their nature: two or more linear equations are relatively easy to solve by eliminating variables - one at a time and then substituting these values in the earlier equations. For systems of equations containing non-linear equations it is simpler to substitute for variable expression for one of the variables at the start and working towards the other variable(s).

Explain why you cannot find a numerical value for the expression 4x - 5y for x equals 3?

You cannot because the expression still contains the unknown variable y.

When will you apply surds in real life?

You will apply them when solving quadratic equations in which the quadratic expression cannot be factorised.

What is -3y plus 2-16?

It is an expression in the variable y. Since it is not an equation it cannot be solved.