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Simply by using the formula x= -b +/- Underroot of (b2 - 4.a.c) / 2.a 2+x-6=2x+4

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Q: How do you solve the following quadratic equations with the India method A. x2-2x-13 equals 0 B. 4x2-4x plus 3 equals 0 C. x2 plus 12x-64 equals 0 D. 2x2-3x-5 equals 0?
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What is y equals -02 equals x squared plus x plus 4?

Two equations: a linear one in y and a quadratic in x.

What does quadratic equations using the factoring method means?

It means you are required to "solve" a quadratic equation by factorising the quadratic equation into two binomial expressions. Solving means to find the value(s) of the variable for which the expression equals zero.

What are some hard math equations that equals 7?

How about finding the solutions of the quadratic equation: x^2-14x+49 = 0

Is this equation a quadriatic equation 3x³ plus 2x equals -3?

no only equations with x2 and lower powers can be considered quadratic. those with x3 cannot be considered quadratic, just as x2 cannot be considered linear

What is the solution of the following system of equations 3y - 2x equals 3 y equals x?

x = y = 3

What is x2-8x plus 12 equals 0 using quadratic equations?

( x - 2)( x - 6) = 0 x = 2 or x = 6

What is the value of the y variable in the solution to the following system of equations- 3x - 6y equals 3 7x - 5y equals -11?

If "equations-" is intended to be "equations", the answer is y = -2. If the first equation is meant to start with -3x, the answer is y = 0.2

How many solutions are there to the following system of equations 2x-y equals 2 AND -x plus 5y equals 3?

How many solutions are there to the following system of equations?2x - y = 2-x + 5y = 3if this is your question,there is ONLY 1 way to solve it.

What is the solution to the following system of equations 2x minus 3y equals 4 and 4x plus y equals -6?


Solve the following equation using the quadratic formula. -5X2 equals -7X plus 6?

X= (3/5 , -2)

Use the quadratic formula to solve the quadratic equations xx-8x-4 equals 0?

x^2 -8x-4=0 x=[8±√(64+16)]/2 x=(8±4√5)/2 x=4±2√5

Is y equals 4x a quadratic equation?

No. [ y = 4x2 ] is a quadratic equation.