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There is one linear inequality in 2 variables: l and x. That is not enough to obtain a solution.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you solve the inequality lx over 3 plus 2l is less than or equal to 8?
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How do you solve the inequality and graph a solution?

I think you would use an average two step equation to solve. Graph on a number line. If it was -2, go over 2 to the left, and make a dot. It is hollow or solid. It is solid if there is a line beneath the less than or greater than sign indicating that it is equal to....

Solve this inequality j over 4 minus 8 is less than 4?

It's just like solving algebra: [(J/4)-8] < (4) (J/4) < (12) (J) < (12*3) J < 48 The inequality is true when J is less than 48.

Solve this inequality j4 - 84?

21? 84 over 4 is 21, so j=21... or is it a different statement? i did it as an equation; you might mean an inequality, as it says, but you don't say whether it is greater than or less than another value.

How do you solve this fraction negative h over 12 plus 5 over negative 15?

It is not possible to answer the question. An equation or inequality can be solved. However, the question contains no equation nor inequality but only an expression.

How do you solve s over 4 is less than 9?

s=35 or less

Which point is a solution of the inequality 1 over 2x minus 4y less than or equal to 4?

There are an infinite number of points that qualify. Please tell us what our choices are, and we'll select the right one[s].

Is 12 over 36 greater less than or equal to 12 over 24?

Less than.

What does 33 over 3 equal?

11 to solve this, simply divide 33 by 3.

Is four over eight less than two over four?

no it is equal

Is 3 over 8 less than 6 over 16?

No; they are equal.

3 over 4 is greater or less then 4 over 5?

3 over 4 is less than 4 over 5. 3 over 4 is equal to .75 and 4 over 5 is equal to .80.80>.75

What best describes budgeting?

It is a process by which expenditure - including allowances for unforseen situations - is made to be less than, or equal to, the expected income. This inequality need not be satisfied in each time period but must be satisfied over the time period in question.

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