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Not sure how to put it. The Pythagorean therom states that a squared plus b squared equals c squared. Aren't a, b and c all variables?

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Q: How do you solve the pythagorean therom that invovles two variables?
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How do you use Pythagorean theorem when you only know one side of the triangle?

Since the Pythagorean theorem has 3 variables (the 3 sides), and you only know one variable, you cannot use it to solve for the other 2 variables. Do you know any other information (like angles)? that can be used to solve the triangle (you would not be using the Pythagorean theorem, though). Did they mark the 2 legs with little 'tick marks' denoting that they are equal? Then you could use the Pythagorean theorem because then you know 2 varaibles, and you can solve for the third variable.

How do you find the slant height of a triangular prism?

use the Pythagorean therom ... C2=A2+B2 draw a little triangle name your sides and use the therom to solve for the hypotenuse which is c....... This means that your slant would be the hypotenuse in the therom thus the square root of c is equal to the square root of side a plus the square root of side be it's best just to use a scientific calculator

How do you find the side length of a right triangle if you have two side length?

You use the Pythagorean Theorem: a2 + b2 = c2. Variables a and b are the shorter sides; c is the hypotenuse. Just plug the values for the sides into the Pythagorean Theorem and solve for the missing side.

Ways to solve pythagorean theorem?


How do you solve for a right triangle?

Pythagorean theorum.

What are the steps to solve pythagorean thereom?


How can pythagorean triples help you solve a problem?

Beacause it works

The pythagorean theorem can be used to solve what?

the unknown measurement of a side of a triangle

How do you solve of the vectors by graphical method?

Pythagorean theorem: A2 + B2 = C2

How many different ways are there to solve the Pythagorean theorem?

a2 + b2 = c2

How do you solve for the variables?

Yes, that is what you are normally required to solve for.

How do you solve variables on both sides equation using integer rules?

You first have to get rid of the numbers that don't have variables. then you divide by the variable and solve for it.