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check ur timing, see if its suffering for air, or it mite be running rich it could be a number of things

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โˆ™ 2006-05-26 17:15:28
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Q: How do you solve this problem drove your 1992 eagle talon approxamitly 74 miles at 3500 rpm80 mph ran fine came to a stop light idle went way down almost quit pushed in clutch floored accelerator rpms?
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Where is diagnostic socket on 1991 metro?

lower dash almost in line with accelerator

94 Isuzu Trooper acceleration is sticking and almost caused a wreck what can cause this?

accelerator cable

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2000 Neon dies when you hit accellerator pedal hard blows CPU fuse but only when accelerator hit hard very dangerous problem almost caused accident yesterday?

Probably a short in the wiring harness. First place to look is near the axle shafts.

2001 kia sephia does ok accelerating but soon as you let off the accelerator it comes to an almost immediate slow down like it goes into a lower gear The car is also very sluggish Any ideas on why?

if you have an automatic there is probably an electrical problem that is preventing you from shifting into 4th gear. or your overdrive is off

How do you fix a sticking accelerator pedal on a 1999 mercury villager?

I had the same problem for almost a year and damaged both engine mounts and trans mount. The fix was simple. The throttle body was gummed up and sticking. Took it apart and cleaned it with carb and throttle body cleaner and no more sticking. Smoothest pedal in a year.

What would be the cause when you press down on the accelerator and it revs up and then dies down and almost quits on a 1986 Nissan D21 pu?

check for vaccum leaks.

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