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92y = 36

y = 36/92 = 9/23

Then: 9y = 81/23

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Q: How do you solve this type of reasioning such as 92y equals 36 then 9y equals?
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If 92y equals 36 what is 9y?

If 92y = 36 then y = 36/92 = 9/23 So then 9y = 9*(9/23) = 81/23 or 312/23

Is 92Y still an over strength MOS in the Army?

Yup. Sadly because when I came in the army in 2008 as a 92Y, we were understrength. Now we're overstrength.

The sum of two numbers is 9 and their difference is 6 What are the numbers?

Let the two numbers be x and y so their sum is x+y=9 and their difference is x-y=6 solve be elminination, so add the two equations and we have 2x=15 so x=15/2 Now plug this into either equation and find y so y = 9-15/2=3/2 so 15/2 and 3/2 I agree. Here is the Math. X + Y = 9 X - Y = 6or x = 6 + Y (6 + Y) + y = 92Y + 6 = 92Y = 3Y = 1.5 X = 6 + (1.5) = 7.5 Numbers are 7.5 and 1.5

Can a company supply clerk be the company armorer?

Yes. Unit Supply Specialist, U.S. Army MOS 92Y, currently includes the duties of Armorer in this job description. It replaces the old 76Y MOS, Unit Supply Specialist and Armorer.

What is equivalent to y equals x2 - 6x plus 14?

The following equations are all equivalent to y = x2 - 6x + 14:y - 5 = (x - 3)22y = 2x2 - 12x + 28± √(y - 5) = x - 3y = [x4 - 4(3x3 + [4x]2 - 42x + 49)]1/2y - 5 = x2 - 6x + 92y - 5 = 2(x2 - 6x) + 23x = 3 ± √(y - 5)

What is the the point of intersection of the equations 5x plus 7y plus 29 equals 0 and 11x -3y -65 equals 0?

1st equation: 5x +7y +29 = 0 or 5x +7y = -29 2nd equation: 11x -3y -65 = 0 or 11x -3y = 65 Times all terms in the 1st equation by 11: 55x +77y = -319 Times all terms in 2nd equation by 5: 55x -15y = 325 Subtract the 2nd equation from the 1st equation: 92y = -644 or y = -7 By means of substitution point of intersection is made at: (4, -7)

What is the point of contact when the lines of 5x plus 7y plus 29 equals 0 and 11x -3y -65 equals 0 intersect each other showing work?

If: 5x+7y+29 = 0 and 11x-3y-65 = 0 Then: 5x+7y = -29 and 11x-3y = 65 Multiply all terms in the 1st equation by 11 and all terms in the 2nd equation by 5 So: 55x+77y = -319 and 55x-15y = 325 Subtract the 1st equation from the 2nd equation: 92y = -644 => y = -7 Therefore by substitution the point of contact is at: (4, -7)

What is the MOS for an Army armorer?

A unit Armorer actually works in supply. That MOS was 76Y30 when I was in the Army, it may have changed. I would say contact your local national guard, they would have your answer for sure. The MOS is 92Y. It is actually an additional duty for a unit supply specialist.

What is military specialty 15a1r?

Field 15 in the army is avation. The A years ago was an OJT (On the Job Training) or student in that speciality, others had a letter for the speciality followed by a 1. The number 1 level or rank. The "R" I have not seen before a "P" in that position was parachute qualified. Examples: 76Y10 = Unit Supply OJT, 76Y20 Unit Supply (qualified), 76Y30 Unit Supply (Armorer), 76Y40 Unit Supply (SGT). The field numbers have changed since then, now 92Y is Unit Supply. See the link for more info.

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8/30/1953 to 10/29/1943, lived to be 90y,1m,29d.Buddy Greco, 8/14/1926 to 1/10/2017, lived to be 90y,4m,27d.Ross Lee Finney, 12/23/1906 to 2/4/1997, lived to be 90y,1m,12d.Gunter Wand, 1/7/1912 to 2/14/2002, lived to be 90y,1m,7d.George Jellinek, 12/22/1919 to 1/16/2010, lived to be 90y,0m,25d.Elena Doria, 7/3/1926 to 7/27/2016, lived to be 90y,0m,24d.Aaron Copland, 11/14/1900 to 12/2/1990, lived to be 90y,0m,18d.Carlo Bergonzi, 7/13/1924 to 7/25/2014, lived to be 90y,0m,12d.Three musicians of note died at age 90; namely Domenico Savino, Ronni Munro and Julius Grossman; but as information on the deceased date of the first and the birthdate of the other two respectively, are lacking, we are unable to provide accurate lifespan information. These names are given for the sake of completeness.

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Are the products of nuclear fission radioactive?

The daughter atoms from nuclear fission are nearly always radioactive and nearly always have very short half lives decaying through chains of atoms of short half lives. There is a reason for this. We do not know exactly what the daughter atoms from the fission of a given atom will be, but we do know they will contain all the protons of the parent. The number of neutrons is also preserved, though a few unbound neutrons are usually emitted from the fission. Since atoms with higher atomic numbers can have a greater proportion of protons to neutrons, the daughters usually have far too many neutrons to be stable, and will usually undergo negative beta decay. For example, the fission of 235U might look like this: 92235U --> 3692Kr + 56141Ba + 2n The most massive stable isotope of krypton is 86Kr, so our daughter krypton atom has six too many neutrons to be stable. The decay chain of the 92Kr, given as isotopes and half lives, is as follows, with all decays by negative beta decay: 92Kr 1.8 seconds 92Rb 4.5 seconds 92Sr 2.71 hours 92Y 3.54 hours 92Zr stable The most massive stable isotope of barium is 138Ba, so our daughter has three too many neutrons to be stable. The decay chain of the 141Ba similar to the above is as follows, again all by negative beta decay: 141Ba 18.27 minutes 141La 3.92 hours 141Ce 32.5 days 141Pr stable Most of the daughter decay chains do not produce stable isotopes nearly as quickly as the above, with many having products with half lives of decades to millennia. By comparison, our parent atom, 235U, had a half life of 703,800,000 years.

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